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Diverse Christmas Movies to Watch

Everyone has their all-time favorite Christmas movies to watch, including me.  And the lists includes mostly the same titles for a lot of us including the great, all-time holiday classics and family favorites. We've been binge watching movies for the past nine months given the pandemic circumstances. But I'm not one to watch a movie over and over again including the great classics. 

Welcome back to our Festive Christmas Ideas Blog Hop! Today its all about Christmas Movies!  We've team up with a bunch of talented blogging friends to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season. We will be sharing gift guides and party games, Christmas baking, making handmade gifts and ornament crafting, and sharing our family fun Christmas moviesThere will be breakfast recipes and as always our decorated Christmas Trees which is always a fun tour of homes.

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Christmas Movie Watching Blanket

I love watching holiday feel-good movies while making crafts. And right now, I have a lot of unfinished projects to complete for upcoming posts! I'm always on the hunt for different types of holiday movies to play while crafting. But until recently though, there was a lack of diverse-led Christmas movies featuring interracial, LGBTQ, Jewish, Asian and Latino, etc. as leading characters and as the main storylines. Now, the networks are diving deeper into their commitment for diverse storytelling and inclusivity and offering us a variety to watch for the holidays!

 As Hallmark stated "Our movies are rooted in warmth and positivity, meaningful connections, family gatherings, and seasonal traditions—a winning formula we hope will bring our millions of viewers much-needed levity and holiday cheer at the end of a tough year."

So, for my Diverse Christmas Movies to Watch, I'm offering a list that features some "firsts" for networks this year.  Lifetime’s first LGBTQ in The Christmas Setup. Two of Lifetime’s 30 Christmas movies have an Asian-American lead and one a Latino lead.  And its first Chinese American-led movie, A Sugar & Spice Holiday. And Hallmark is also featuring its first-ever gay couple in The Christmas House.    

Right now, people are craving for diverse artists and stories. They want to feel good about people like themselves which also includes sentimental holiday storylines, too! Here are a few more of the diverse Christmas movies that's out this year with a short synopsis of each.

  "Christmas Unwrapped"  (Lifetime) – A reporter  investigates a man  who claims that the gifts he gives were provided by Santa Claus himself. 

The Christmas Aunt ( Lifetime) – Childhood best friends reconnect when they return to their hometown to care for her niece and nephew. The kids’ Christmas faith is revived while growing a newfound view of a best friend in the process. 

"Jingle Bell Bride" (Hallmark) - A wedding planner finds romance with a handsome local after traveling to a remote town in Alaska to find a rare flower for a celebrity client.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey ( Netflix) – The musical follows toymaker Jeronicus Jangle, portrayed by Forest Whitaker, whose trusted apprentice steals his creation. His granddaughter must heal old wounds to honor the work of her family.

The Christmas House (Hallmark) – Parents summon their grown sons, home for the holiday season in hopes of bringing the family together and working through personal issues. While one reconnects with his high school sweetheart, the other and his husband impatiently await a call about the adoption of their first child. 

Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding (Lifetime) – A sequel to last year’s “Merry Liddle Christmas,” the film follows a couple as they  attempt to plan a perfect destination wedding amid family chaos and wedding planner drama.

The Christmas Setup (Lifetime) – When a New York lawyer heads back home to spend the holidays with his family, his mother plays matchmaker, arranging to set him up with his male high school friend and crush. As he is up for a promotion requiring a move to London, he has to choose his next steps.

A Sugar & Spice Holiday (Lifetime) – Up-and-coming architect returns to her small hometown following the loss of her grandmother, a renowned baker in the community. Guilted by her parents into following in her grandmother’s footsteps by entering a gingerbread house competition, she teams up with her former high school friend to find the perfect recipe and love.

Christmas Comes Twice (Hallmark) – A newscaster who still cares about a man from her past who got away. A carousel ride magically returns her to a carnival five years in the past, allowing her to have a second chance at love.

A New York Christmas Wedding" (Netflix) who discovers what her life would be like if she had explored her feelings for her closest pal, a woman.

"Holiday Date" (Netflix)  A woman is dumped right before the holidays. She enlists an actor to play the part of her ex-boyfriend, who she’s described to her family as “Mr. Christmas. But he is Jewish. When her family discovers this, they decide to incorporate some of his Hanukkah traditions into their Christmas celebration. 

 Love, Lights, Hanukkah! (Hallmark) – A restaurant owner whose DNA test reveals her to be of Jewish descent. The information leads her to connect with a new family and find romance over eight nights. 

"Double Holiday" (Hallmark) A Jewish lady, finds herself fighting her co-worker for a promotion. When her boss charges both of them with planning a big Christmas party on the fly, she and her co-worker have to work together to pull it off. At the same time, both learn more about their respective holiday traditions. 

I feel these Christmas movies represent an important message which is welcoming and needed for all of us especially right now in these trying times.

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  1. Gail, your list is fabulous! Some I've seen, some are already set to record on my PVR, and others I will most definitely be checking out. I'm such a sucker for Hallmark movies (my husband isn't) so when he's not home I'm binge watching them. Thanks for a great movie list!

  2. Great list, I will have to check some of these out!

  3. Christmas is all about joy and satisfaction, and I'm looking forward to spending it with my family or friends and watching the holiday channel 5 drama cast or another holiday-themed film.

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