Saturday, November 28, 2020

Wood Sled Makeover

Decorative sleds are so Christmasy! Actually, they're not just for Christmas but the whole winter season! It's perfect as a accent piece for the front porch,  entryway, living room or den.  And it can be hung, leaned or used as a table centerpiece, too. 

I found an old wooden sled - not a real one - for decorative purposes only - at a moving sale several years ago. It looked like someone had tried to sand off whatever was on it!  I couldn't resist for just two dollars! After all, it was solid wood! Imagine what you can do with a piece like that!

But first it needed to be spruced up a bit - by sanding the wood until nice and smooth. And then putting my own touch on it by dry brushing the sled with a gray chalk paint. - no primer needed! 
It's looking better already! You know what they say about what a little paint will do!

Next, I needed to add some embellishments and got out my trusty Bowdabra to make a bow .  .  . first by adding 12" tails with dovetail ends .  .  .

and then the actual bow made with 4, four inch loops and 2, three inch loops!

Don't you just love the ribbon design? How cool is this look .  .  . 

with bows, berries and stems!
Decorating an old sled is lots of fun - the possibilities are almost unlimited. 

The finished piece adds a warm, charming and nostalgic atmosphere to any area and is a nice alternative to the usual Christmas decor!

Welcome back to the 'Do It Over' Designers, a group of talented bloggers who love to recycle/upcycle/DIY, hosted by Anne @The Apple Street Cottage. It's all about taking something old and/or unused and 'doing it over' into something new. Anything from fabric, old dishes, and decor to dressers and hutches. Items found in closets, barns, garages, yard sales, thrift stores, you name it! Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

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  1. I often see these in the thrift stores and I have painted them in checks, BUT I love the softness of yours much better! Well done!

  2. Your sled is adorable and that $2 price tag - you're a girl after my heart!

  3. Ok... I definitely think I need a bowdabra now!!! I love your sled upcycle Gail!

  4. This was a great find and your makeover is so pretty. I have always wanted to find an old sled for my house. Glad you shared this.

  5. What a great makeover! I would love to have one of these and you always make such creative things. Thanks for sharing and wonderful crafting with you.

  6. That is so sweet, Gail! I have one of those sleds waiting for a makeover in my craft closet. And I have a that I have some great inspiration to finally make it over! Thanks!!

  7. Oh my, your two dollar find looks like a million bucks now Gail! It's fabulous. I really have to check out that Bowdabra; what a great gadget!

  8. I agree about the paint:) I actually have a small sled waiting for a makeover -- yours is beautiful and gives me inspiration! Matches your tree beautifully! xo Kathleen

  9. $2 my kind of craft. Love your sled and the paint gives a custom look.


  10. What a great looking sled to start with and even better once you had finished. I must live under a rock because I had no idea you could buy a gadget to help you make bows. How cool.

  11. What a fantastic makeover! That was a great find for only $2.00. I'm looking out for a thrift sled, but the last one I found was too expensive at $6.00 LOL!

  12. Gail, such a fresh and lovely transformation. Love it.


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