Saturday, December 28, 2013

Most Popular 2013 Craft/DIY Projects

2013 was so exciting and inspirational for me! I had lots of fun making these features and more!  I hope you were inspired to make some too!  As we close the 2013 year reminiscing over what was accomplished I want to thank each and everyone for your continued support and interest in my blog. 

A quick look back at the favorites of 2013: 

My most popular post for all of 2013 became the Burlap 3D Snowflake , how fitting for this time of the year.  It seems as if anything with burlap or pinecones and a little bit of whimsy proved very popular.

Burlap 3D Snowflake
Bleached Pine Cones
No-Sew Frilly Fleece Hat & Scarf

No Sew Burlap Fabric Basket

Burlap Owls
Recycled Bottle Owl

Terra Cotta Flower Pot Girl
Burlap Fringed and Bendable Flowered Wreath

Burlap Leaf Table Runner
Snowflake Tree Skirt DIY
Burlap Magnolia Stem Knockoff
Mesh Ribbon Angels
No Sew Chalkboard Fabric Table Runner
Jute Pinecone Flowers Tree
Ornament Wall Tree
I love crafting and all the amazing interactions it has brought me and look forward to a fabulous and creative 2014!
 The blogging community and all of the wonderful linky parties are truly awesome and I am so very grateful.  I appreciate all of you and wish you the very best in the coming year!
Thank You!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Styrofoam Stak Tree Embellished & A Christmas Wish

I found a original Stak Tree during the end of season clearance last year for a couple of dollars.  So cheap I couldn't past it up. Didn't know what on earth I would do with it but it seemed like a fun project that had unlimited decorative possibilities.  I only know I should have started this project early on.  As stated on the packaging, the Stak Tree is not just for the holidays, but throughout the year depending on how it's decorated.  The tree can become a home accent, used as a centerpiece or anything you can imagine.

Speaking of imagination, since there are so many stacking rings (10) in the stak tree - and it's 18 inches tall, and I have so many shades of purple craft paints, along with some bags of holiday decorative filler, I decided to paint each ring a different purple hue.  And to give the tree a special glittery effect, mix mod podge with filler and add it to some of the Styrofoam ring edges.

How's that for imagination? 
A shades of purple, whimsical, glistening Stax Tree.  My kind of décor!
The mixed filler has to be put on a little bit at a time and allowed to dry before moving on to the next area. This process is done over a few days and can't be rushed.
I just love the glistening effect of the filler stones!


Is this purple overload or what?
Well my crafting for the Big Day has come to an end.   
I've had a blast with my creations . . .
 thank you so much for your support!
When the spirit of the season spreads the magic everywhere
And our thoughts are of the ones we love
and the memories we share
You're wished that the happiest of things will always come your way.
 Have A Very Merry Christmas!


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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pinecone & Glitter Stems Tree


We all love making something using pinecones.  They are readily available and easily added to any décor. You can do just about anything with them. I love pinecone trees but sometimes they are just downright plain.  You know I love the look of glitter and glam in any décor so I  came up with a way to combine pinecones with glitz without the actual glitter.

You want to know how?  Just twirl some glitter chenille stems around a rod and alternate gluing them and the pinecones onto a paper mache or Styrofoam tree.  Just look at the pictures and see how I did it.  So quick and easy.

I put two silver glitter chenille stems together and wrapped (twirled) them around a magic marker (rod). Two made the swirls look fuller.  I used three large packs of chenille stems for this tree.

Starting with a small pinecone, I hot glued it to the tree and then placed the twirled stems around the pinecones in alternating directions.  Placement was just a matter of alternating pinecones and chenille stems, making sure there were stems around the pinecones.  Quick and easy.


If you use a paper mache cone tree, I don't think it's necessary to paint it before applying the pinecones and stems.  You can cover any open areas by adjusting the curled stems.  If you use a Styrofoam cone tree, I would probably use craft paint first with whatever matching color you want. Most spray paints will melt Styrofoam so I don't recommend using that, not unless the spray paint states it will not harm Styrofoam.

The pinecone and glitter stem tree would make a great centerpiece for a tablescape.  I plan on putting this one in one of my bathrooms.  I like to have decorative items in the bathroom. And the pinecone and glitter stem tree will add to the festive look throughout my home.

Christmas is almost here.  I do have one more craft project to post before the big day.  I've certainly have enjoyed my time spent holiday crafting  But a crafter's work is never done.  See you next time!

Happy Holiday Crafting!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pine Cone Birds DIY

My friend Helen (RIP sweet lady) gave me a box of painted pine cones when she moved knowing I could probably make something out of them instead of her throwing them out. The pinecones were painted gold and I had no idea what I would do with them until I saw a group of pinecone birds on the World Market site. Although for some reason the pine cones birds are not available online. 
How cute are they in all their glitter glory!
World Market
I knew it would be easy creating my version of these lovelies. 
Here's how I did it:

1.  Gather:
  • pine cones
  • Styrofoam balls
  • gold paint
  • glitter
  • mod podge
  • 2 beads for eyes
  • earring back for nose (or anything you can use)
  • hot glue gun 
  • glitter cardboard
  • two 18 gauge wire stems
2.  Coat the Styrofoam balls (for head) with mod podge and sprinkle glitter over them.  Once dry, seal glitter with more mod podge to prevent glitter from coming off.  Hot glue eyes and nose to head.

3.  Glue head to flat portion of pinecone.

4.  Cut out four petal shapes for wings and four narrow petals for tails out of the glitter cardboard.  Glue two blanks sides together for the wings (2) and do the same for tails (2).

5.  Hot glue wings in place.  Crisscross tails and glue near bottom back of pinecone.

6.  Bend 3 loops in center of wire stems for the feet.

7.  Crisscross wires and wrap around each other.

8. Press the loops (feet) flat with wrapped wire perpendicular, cut excess wire.

9.  Paint feet/legs gold and hot glue ends and insert into bottom of pinecones.

10, 11, 12.  Admire your adorable birds!

 Cute little birds that are handcrafted with a pinecone body and wire feet!
Add a loop and use as an ornament.
This is a great craft to do with kids, not just for Christmas but during the winter months, too.  Pinecones are so plentiful!

Happy Holiday Crafting!