Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Ornament Guessing Game

Welcome to the fourth day of our Festive Christmas Ideas Blog Hop! 

You will find new festive Christmas ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Check out the previous days here:  Day 1- Gift Guides  Day 2 - Gift Guides. Day 3- Handmade Gifts.  

Today - Day 4 it's all about Christmas Games!

I hope I'm not coming across as a party pooper, but I'm not much for playing games during my family's holiday get togethers.   I played enough games as a child and growing up and with my son and friends. Now that we're much older and with no children around, we always use this time to catch-up with family and friends. But I must admit, you do have to set the mood for entertaining. You want to make sure everyone feels welcome and have an enjoyable time! To that end, I have a couple of games or maybe activities that would add to the festive mood. First, would be the 

Ornament Guessing Game!
With this game, you can use your decorated Christmas Trees to create an interesting holiday party game that anyone can play and enjoy!

But make sure you are counting the ornaments on the tree as you hang them, or count beforehand while they are in boxes that you have set aside to hang for that particular tree. Write down the number of ornaments for each tree.

This would be an ongoing game since every one isn't arriving at the same time. But when they do show up, tell them that you are doing a holiday Ornament Guessing Game - with a prize. And then give each person a handmade card like this one.

Tell them to guess how many ornaments are hanging on each one of the three Christmas trees in the house. That's how many trees I usually put up, but you can do just one tree, if you like. Be sure to designate where the trees are located - like #1 in front room, etc. 

Give them a pen and have them write down their guesses, along with their name, and put the cards in a specially decorated box. Once everyone has arrived and submitted their cards, the hosted decides which guess is the closest to the actual number of ornaments hung. Then, the hostess can make a toast to announce the winner and giving them a nice handmade gift as the prize. Who would love that!

For the next activity game - I'll call it Guess the Nostalgic Christmas Songs.  I love R&B music - I grew up with brothers and a sister who were quite talented playing different instruments. Me, not so much, although I took piano lessons for many years! Here's a picture of my brother, Bill, at the piano.
For this game - which is perfect for after eating, you can have someone act as a DJ and play popular holiday jingles to see who will be the first to correctly name the popular Christmas song from your festive playlist! It's nothing formal - just a lot of fun!

Only, my playlist is not the usual popular Christmas songs everyone loves and knows. My list would consist of party or dance Christmas music - R&B/Soul - nostalgic music to dance to. 

The Christmas season and R&B music are a natural pairing because both focus on love, joy, and happiness. Singers such as Mariah Carey and the late Whitney Houston have had huge hits with Christmas albums of holiday classics, while other R&B legends like The Temptations have put unique, romantic spins on holiday tradition. Songs that will ensure your holiday get togethers are filled with lots of cheer and memories!  

Get your Festive Christmas Party ready with these couple of games that will surely keep everyone happy and entertained!

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  1. Gail, I love your Name That Tune game the most and your music list is off the chain. This would be so much fun!

    1. Thanks, Shirley! I have music playing when I craft, so I guess you can say I'm really into it!

  2. We played this game a few years ago at a large party and I was amazed how many people totally missed the number of ornaments by a mile. This is such a fun game.

    1. Thanks, Alli! Deep down I think counting all the ornaments would drive someone crazy - especially when there's more than one tree. But it is something to keep folks in the holiday spirit!

  3. Both games sound like a lot of fun. I'm thinking, because I only put up one tree, that I'll decorate three tabletop trees with mini ornaments. Great ideas, Gail!

    1. Thanks, Marie! Counting mini ornaments would be fun, too. I'm trying not to put up my big tree this year. I'm feeling stressed just thinking about it and this hop is causing me to start much earlier than I usually do.

  4. I love your activity ideas! I never would have thought about doing an ornament guessing game. I can see that being a big hit in our family. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. You're not alone - I'm not much for games either. With that said, this ornament guessing game is a fun one that's right up my alley, and doesn't take too much from the gathering.


  6. I'm thinking, because I only put up one tree, that I'll decorate three tabletop trees with mini ornaments. I was amazed how many people totally missed the number of ornaments by a mile. I love your activity ideas! I never would have thought about doing an ornament guessing game.

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  8. Ornament Guessing - That was a very fun game........

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