Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Collar Necklace

I have to confess.  I love watching reality tv shows.  Not all of them, but quite a few. Something about seeing the personal side of people's lives and how they interact is quite entertaining to me.  I love looking at their homes, how they look and what they're wearing.  I know that's silly and I could be reading a book but it's a relaxing outlet for me.  My girlfriend told me she enjoys the Shahs of Sunset.  I hadn't seen the show, and by the time I got around to looking at it, the "reunion" segment was on.  I was intrigued by what "MJ" was wearing around her neck. It was a fancy collar necklace that might have included diamonds.  I only know that it was very trendy and fashionable.  Collar necklaces are "IN!"  You see them in all the fashion magazines and on the runways.  These collars compliment almost any look, wear it with a dress in the evening or a crew-neck sweater for an easy daytime look.

"MJ" - Shahs of Sunset

The crafty side of me thought this collar necklace would be an awesome piece to re-create. 

It would be rather easy to do.  I knew I had a stash of assorted beads, felt, ribbon or chain, and mod podge.  I needed a pattern with a pointed collar, and that was almost too hard to find. The peter pan look is more common.  I did find a pattern here but I made it may way using a bowl instead of a head band.  I first tried to draw what was in my mind and I came up with a pattern that ended up looking smaller than the actual one pictured.  In the end, I made two.  One, somewhat on the order of MJ's and the second one, what I had envisioned first - a smaller version which I will show you later in this post.

First, I cut out my pattern and taped it on a blend of wool felt which is much thicker and sturdier than the usual craft felt.

 After cutting the felt pattern, I punched holes into the ends where I would place ribbons for tying, or to add a chain.

Next, I mixed mod podge and assorted beads together and spread them on the felt. In hindsight, I should have painted mod podge on the felt first and then added the bead mixture for better adhesion. I was too excited and wanted to "hurry up" making this.

For an added sparkle. I sprinkled white iridescent glitter over the mixture while it was still wet.

 It's really hard to see the effects of the glitter in these pics.

After drying, I coated the bead mix with clear nail polish to prevent the glitter from shedding. I let that dry and then threaded ribbon through the holes.

                                  And, VOILA!  A beautiful statement collar necklace!

Of course, this is 
not as pretty . . .

But, I'm really liking it!

My next collar is something that I envisioned in my head.  My son says it looks like a bow tie .  .  . but that's not what I was aiming for.

After drawing out the pattern and cutting it on felt .  .  .

I painted mod podge on first, this time  .   .   .

And then sprinkled glitter all over .  .  .

And added the mixture of beads and mod podge .  .  .

After drying, and sealing the glitter and beads, I punched holes in the top and added jump rings and chains.

The chains should have been a bit longer because I wanted it to look more like a little collar hanging down instead of being that close to my neck.  

                  Anyway, I have fallen in love with collar necklaces.

Since the Oscars are on this weekend, I might dress-up, put my collar necklace on, fix some hors d'oeuvres, pop some champagne and see what the "beautiful people" are up to.  

But then again  .  .  . that's just not me. I need to get back to crafting!

Take a little time to enjoy!



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Monday, February 11, 2013

Beaded Wire Tree in A Cloche

Everything looks so much better under a cloche.  I've never paid any attention to cloches until I read about Marty's Cloche Parties on a Stroll Thru Life.  This is my second time participating.  Everyone has so much fun seeing all the wonderful ideas on how to decorate using cloches.  

I love beaded wire trees. I thought making one to put under a cloche would be the perfect way to highlight this whimsical looking piece. I've made a beaded wire tree before and my tutorial for making one can be found here

For this particular tree, I used five red craft beads on a wire, twisted to form a circle, or using your imagination, red flowers.

Adding a small bird sculpture beside the rock gives the piece more dimension.

Using red accessories - red candles and red ribbon, with the cloche gives everything a joyous atmosphere.

                                  Oh my, excuse the shoes  .   .   . I forgot I had kicked them off!

                                                Very festive! 

What would you put under your cloche?  

Whatever it is, you have an endless array of ideas. So much so, you can end of changing your cloche monthly or even weekly.  The choice is yours. 

One thing is sure, a cloche is a great way to highlight that special object or turn the simplest of things into a look of elegance and sophistication.

Take a little time to enjoy!



Wednesday, February 6, 2013