Monday, November 11, 2019

Dollar Store Slippers Gnome Ornament

It's that time again for our Monthly Challenge Blog Hop!
I've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a monthly challenge blog hop. On the 2nd Monday of each month we share our themed creations for the month.  This month it's a Dollar Store Craft!  And who doesn't love creating something awesome using items from the dollar store!

 Gnomes continues to be quite popular and trendy this holiday season! They are  the absolute cutest and can be found just about everywhere in all kinds of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes!  And they're also the perfect addition to almost any type of holiday decor! So I've jumped on the band wagon to create my own using plaid slippers from the Dollar Tree!

I hope the first thing you thought when you saw this wasn't, "Oh no she didn't! I can't believe she destroyed a perfectly good pair of slippers to make this gnome ornament!" Well, yes I did! But please remember they were just a dollar!  Besides, I bought an extra pair to wear around the house! I couldn't resist! They are so cool and comfortable! Cool as a pair of slippers and cool as a gnome ornament, too! And the best part, you really don't need to spend anymore than a couple of dollars to make this adorable ornament! You better believe it! And I'm sure you have all the other items you'll need in your stash to put it together, too!

Dollar store faux fur lined slippers
Dollar store nude foot-ped
Seam Ripper or craft knife
Cardstock to draw hat template
Fabric glue or hot glue
Fiber-fil or cotton ball
Twine/thick thread

Let's start by taking the slippers apart. I used a craft knife to break the side seams and I'm sure a seam ripper would be much easier for this, but I couldn't find mine - too much clutter right now, lol! 
The best thing about opening up the seam is that the faux fur lining separates from the sole completely into one piece.  And it's perfect to use for the beard!
Next, lay out the opened slippers and cut off just enough to make the hat! Save the rest for another awesome project!

Then, make a template of a gnome's hat out of cardstock - I purposely drew the hat to include the curvature of the slipper - it's a great spot for the nose! Next, place the pattern on top of the slipper fabric .  .  .

and cut out.
Place right sides (plaid)together and run a bead of glue along the inside edges, leaving the bottom open. Firmly press the edges together and let dry completely.
Once dry, turn the hat inside out. Oh boy, doesn't this look awesome!
Next, fold the faux fur from the sole in half, coating with glue inside to seal the piece together and let dry.
Insert faux fur at the fold into the bottom of hat, adjusting fit and gluing in place.

Then round off the shape of the beard with scissors.

Don't you just love how it's taking shape!
To make the nose - take a small amount of fiber-fil or a cotton ball from the medicine cabinet, and shape into a ball .  .  .
stuffing it in the toe area of the foot-ped and tying the ball tight with a cut-off strip from the ped.
Then cut off the excess fabric .  .  .
and glue nose onto center curve, just below hat edge.
Make a hanger by wrapping twine around cardboard - grouping in three, 
3 strands and tying in a knot .  .  .
to braid.
Once braided, fold twine braid to make a loop, adding glue to ends and insert into center top of hat for hanger. Let dry.

What a fun and easy way to add a bit of whimsy to your holiday tree this season!
Want to see more of what can be created from dollar store goodies? Be sure to visit each and every blogger who joined in this month's challenge! 

Meet this month's co-hosts!
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Holiday Ideas Blog Hop Kickoff

Hello, and welcome to our kick off and preview of our fabulous Holiday Ideas Blog Hop! I'm so excited to be one of the co-hosts in this awesome event!  
Can you believe it's the fifth year of the Holiday Ideas Blog Hop! If you aren’t familiar with this annual blog hop, it’s a 4 week event where 50+ bloggers share Christmas ideas 3 times a week. This year we are having a big giveaway from our sponsors. So be sure to click on the rafflecopter link at the end to enter!

Scroll down to meet this year's Holiday Ideas Team and grab the free printable event calendars! The official Holiday Ideas Blog Hop starts Monday, November 11, with all sorts of Gift Guides! In the mean time, enjoy this round-up of the Best DIY Holiday Ideas from this year's hosts and get started on your DIY holiday projects!

                                Holiday Ideas Blog Hop Kickoff

Holiday Ideas Blog Hop Hosts:

    Blogghetti ~  Nourish and Nestle   

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Hope you enjoyed these holiday ideas. Remember to check back on November 11 for Gift Guides!

Printable Holiday Ideas Blog Hop Events Calendar

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Decorative Holiday Ribbon Bow

It's the first Friday of the month and today's the day I bring you a fun themed craft to share at Bring On the Crafts Blog Hop!
The theme for November is Ribbon!

A bow ribbon adds the finishing touch to just about everything - whether it's a gift, home decor, or even fashionable clothing!  So why not put a bow on it this holiday season! I love making all kinds of bows! And here's a simple way to create an adorable decorative holiday bow that's gorgeous - perfect for gift giving and sure to impress! And the best part, you can adjust the length and width of the ribbon to make just about any bow size!

Materials needed:
4 - 7.5" strips 5/8" wide ribbon - reversible (design on both sides)
4 - 6.5" strips 3/8" wide ribbon - reversible  
Hot glue
Decorative button or bling for center

Let's start by cutting out four 7.5" long strips of 5/8" wide ribbon. It's best to use ribbon that's reversible with the same design on both sides, but you can also glue one sided ribbon together using fabric glue so the design will show on both sides.

Fold all the ribbon strips in half to find the center. Place one ribbon strip in a vertical position and add a dab of glue in the middle (where the fold is) and place a strip horizontal down on top of the glue at the fold.
Next,  add a dab of glue to the center at the fold and imagine creating an X with the ribbon strips and place a ribbon strip on the fold, slanted left. Then add a dab of glue in the center on the fold and place a strip down, slanted right. 
Next, lift up the center ribbon end and fold over to make a loop, add a dab of glue in the middle of the ribbon strips and glue end down. 
 I am turning the ribbon strips around so that the next strip is always vertical and centered.
 Then add a dab of glue to the center and fold the next strip end over, making a loop and down on top of the glue - holding in place until secure.
 Continue repeating the previous steps until .  .  .

 all the strips are glued down .  .  .
 for an adorable bow look!
Repeat steps to make a smaller version starting with four strips, as before. 

 Once all the loops are glued down and the second bow is finished, glue it in the center of the larger bow, with loops in-between loops.  And finally, glue on a decorative button or make your own bling like the one pictured.

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Bring on the Crafts 700 x 550

Bring on the Crafts — A Craft & DIY Blog Hop

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Our November Co-hosts

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