Monday, January 21, 2019

Ping Pong Ball Remote Control Lamp

Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C'mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Everyone is allowed a $10 allowance for necessities to complete their project (i.e. paint brushes, glue, etc), but the bulk of it must be created from their own stash of goodies.

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I've had a bag of ping pong balls in my stash for a few years now.  It's been so long that I can't remember why I even bought them. What was I thinking? 

Anyway, in looking around for inspirations on using these little balls, I came across a video showing how to make a lamp out of ping pong balls - basically by drilling holes, gluing the balls together and then inserting string lights into the holes. I didn't like that idea about drilling holes and wires so I came up with another way to make something similar.  My version is a cool looking lamp that's remote control for different color lighting  - and made with no drilling holes or wires to contend with! How fabulous would that be!  Here's how!

Materials used:
4" Round Vase Base Light w/remote control
Plastic top for ball ring shape
Ping Pong Balls
Hot glue/DAP Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive
Glass dish/candle holder (stand)

Let's begin by finding a round plastic top large enough to hold a 4" base remote control light (from another project) plus space for the ping pong balls to fit around in it. So I'm using a 7" top from a storage container that I had.

Next, place the light source in the middle of the top to make sure the balls will easily fit around it. And then begin adding a dab of quick drying glue (permanent) or hot glue (not so permanent) to connect each ball to another ball to form a ring.

Twelve balls glued together easily fit in the top and around the light source.
Continue gluing more balls together to form additional rings .  .  .
one row at a time.
to form the height of the lamp .  .  . that you want.

 I had enough balls to make nine rings - using a total of 108 balls, with a few left over.

With the light on - the lamp gives off an ombre effect.  So cool and perfect for mood lighting!

And then I decided to make a stand using a small glass plate and a 
glass candle holder .  .  .
that the ball rings would sit on.

Stacking them on - row by row!

The rings easily stacked on each other and can be 
glue permanently together .  .  .

for a wonderful effect!

How pretty!
A virtually free project that costs nothing to put together since I had everything in my stash! What an awesome de-stash!

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Sweet Inspiration Link Party #140

Welcome to our #140 Sweet Inspiration Party!

Happy Friday, everyone! Changes are in store for the party! It's a bittersweet day for some of us. This will be the last day for Mary, Christina and myself. We are off on new adventures and journeys! We've enjoyed being your co-hosts for this wonderful party. Mary has been here from the beginning and Christina not far behind. I've only been hosting for a short time but I've been linking my projects from the very start and I'll continue to do so! Don't worry though, we are leaving the party in very capable hands with Amy @ Health Home and Heart. Amy will be joined by Eileen @ Just Measuring Up and Lidia @ Design Inside the Box.  I hope that you will support these ladies as much as you have supported us! As an extra special send-off, each host has selected two of their favorites this week!  

Please remember that the party starts at 7 am EST or 11 am GMT and runs until Tuesday. By joining every week you will be able to grow your blog and gather inspiration from so many others who link up to the party.  

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And now for our Features:

Salmon croquettes. So easy to make them and they look delicious and crispy. Full recipe from Tracie at Somewhat Awry

This is by far my favorite edition for falafel. I've never seen a recipe like this before so I'm going to give it a try the soonest possible. You can find the recipe from Jas at All Thats Jas

I loved seeing all of the different paints and techniques that Vicki from Entri Ways used over the past year. She has done some fantastic projects the past year, and I'll definitely be trying some of her techniques in the future. 

I'm in love with this winterberry fur wreath from Beverly and Gloria over at Across the Boulevard. It's just perfect for winter, and I think one of these would look perfect with my decor. 

We all have problems hiding those unsightly, awkward containers in our laundry room and Ann @ The Apple Street Cottage shares her easy, and beautiful solution!

I was amazed how Kimberly @ DIY Party Mom helped arranged her parents 50th Anniversary Party. Thinking of my own 50th this year, this celebration was truly gorgeous!

I was smitten with this coat that Laurie of Vanity and Me shared with us. I can just dive right into it what with the weather being so horrid these days. I love that blue color and also the fact that it is not heavy. Winter you can stay as long as you want if I get to look as stylish as Laurie!

Lately I have been getting up early while everyone is still asleep and I marvel at all I get done in the morning. And with a smile on my face! Candice of She's Crafty has a great routine for the morning and I am going to follow some of her suggestions too.

Our most popular post is from Michelle @A Crafty Mix! It was by far the most interesting post we've had! Michelle shares a tutorial on how to make a fur baby pool ramp for one of her fur babies, Eeeee Deeeee, whose loves to swim but has legs too short for her to get out of the pool. What a cutie pie! Check out how you can make a pool ramp for your fur baby,too!

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