Friday, August 17, 2018

Sweet Inspiration Link Party #120

Welcome to our 120th Sweet Inspiration Link Party!   
Have you been enjoying our Sweet Inspirations link parties like I have? It's amazing and heart warming to see so many wonderful and inspiring ideas shared each week! I do hope you had a great week and are biting at the bit to join us right now!

As you know, the party starts on Fridays @7am EST or 11am GMT and runs through the following Tuesday. Plenty of time to link up your creative ideas! By joining us every week you will be able to grow your blog, meet new blogging friends and have your ideas and inspirations seen and shared by all of us who link up!

The hosts will be visiting everyone who join to share your inspirations, ideas and creativity! And of course enjoy the possibility of being featured by one of the party hosts! We truly appreciate and thank you for joining us each week!


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Our Hosts' Features:

Aren't these tissue paper lights just so lovely. I can picture a whole bunch of them on the table when we're dining al fresco. Amy from Show and Tell U shared a tutorial on how she made them with the help of her great nieces.

I admire people who have the courage to dare. Taryn Whiteaker took the risk to paint the walls in her bonus room in a dark moody color. The difference is unbelievable. The before was ok but the after is gorgeous. You can see by yourself this dramatic change and also you can find great advices if you want to do the same but you don't dare!

If you don't know it already, I am a total thrifter. I love a good deal, and I really love when there is a fantastic story to go along with a good deal. So, I was very interested in reading the story behind Karianne's recent yard sale find. If you have not checked out this post from Thistlewood Farms yet, you must go do so. Not only did Karianne score an amazing piece, but she literally had me laughing out loud with her story.You won't want to miss it!

If you believe all the hype from Mrs. Kringle @Mrs Kringle's Kitchen about this "finger lickin' good" grilled tropical salsa - I'll have to say that this seems like one of those dishes that "tastes so good, makes you wanna slap yo momma!" And as she says, "it's a virtual vacation" in just one bite - filled with mangoes and pineapples or your favorite seasonal fruit, instead.  And the best part, she includes a video to help with the prep! I hope you get to know Mrs. Kringle and her recipes - she's an awesome cook! 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this dresser transformation. Anyone can paint a piece of furniture, but to have the insight to make it look so special with the right stenciling is a talent that few have. Marie of the Interior Frugalista has this talent in spades.

Our most popular post from last week's party is from Maya @ The Little Treasures. Maya crocheted this lovely sherbet necklace and surrounded it with  wooden beads! Oh so pretty! If you haven't done so already, be sure to stop by and show her some love!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Make Beaded Napkin Rings

 This is a re-post from sometime ago. Would you believe I need another housewarming gift and my friend requested napkin rings. So I dusted off this tutorial and decided to not only refresh my memory but to refresh yours, too! Enjoy!

I needed a "housewarming" gift and decided to make beaded napkin rings.  Buying napkin rings can be very expensive. There use to be a time when you would find bins of napkin rings in home decor and big box stores. Now, you have to really look for them, usually paying an "arm and a leg" for something nice and somewhat unique. I love using napkin rings in table settings. They represent the perfect finishing touch to any tablescape, no matter the occasion. 

The problem is I couldn't decide what type of bead - crystal or silver to use for this project. So, I made samples of each.  You be the judge!

The basic technique is the same for both.
Materials needed:
  • Crafting Beads
  • 4 chenille metallic stems
  • 1 - 20gauge floral stem wire
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Cardboard tube for shaping

Step One:
Take three (3) chenille stems and bend each in half. Bring the bent stems together and twist to secure at the top.

Step Two:
Thread your chosen beads onto the first stem until you are about one inch from the end.
Using 8mm crystal craft beads, thread twelve beads onto each stem.

Make sure each of the six stems is threaded the same way.  The possibilities are endless with the colors, sizes, and shapes of the beads.

Using 6mm silver craft bead, thread twelve beads, then one 8mm bead, then ten more 6mm beads onto each stem.

Using 8mm crystal craft beads, thread twelve beads onto each stem.
Step Three:
Bring the stems together, twist tie and secure. Both ends should look the same.

Step Four:
Take both ends of your beaded stems and push together, gently opening the stems  .  .  .

pushing the bottom and top together, forming the flower bow.

Step Five:
To secure the flower, using a half of a chenille stem, twist tie around the center of the flower on the bottom.

Step Six:
To form the beaded napkin holder:  Using needle-nose pliers, bend one end of a 20 gauge floral stem wire (I used this wire because a chenille stem is not long enough to wrap) into a small loop.  Next, thread the wire with matching beads. Once all beads are threaded, make a similar loop at the end of the wire.
Step Seven:
Wrap the beaded wire around a cardboard tube several times to create a spiral. Remove it carefully from the tube.

Step Eight:
Tie the spiral beaded wire to the twist tie stem on the bottom of the flower.

And voila!  A simple but elegant Beaded Napkin Ring!
                                      Which one do you prefer?

These napkin rings were fun to make.  While both of the rings turned out great, I picked the Silver Beaded Napkin Rings to make and give as my housewarming gift.  It is more versatile, going with any season, theme or decor.

 Remember in making your own napkin rings, the possibilities are endless . . . creative, unique, one of a kind .  .  .  and so much cheaper!

Thanks for stopping by
and take a little time to enjoy,
Happy Crafting!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Best Ever Banana Bread

Welcome Friends to Our Monthly Challenge Blog Hop!

On the second Monday of each month, I've joined a group of talented bloggers to share themed creations of either Upcycling, Favorite Family Recipes or Dollar Store Crafts.  The theme for August is Old or New Favorite Family Recipes. 

I'm not much of a cook in retirement, but I do like to make a good banana bread loaf! My family loves bananas and who doesn't have overly ripe bananas leftover every now and then? 

So today, I'm sharing The Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe by Gold Medal Flour! I guess you're wondering why I'm using a recipe from Gold Medal Flour. Well, I discovered all banana bread recipes are not the same or turn out that good - even if it says "best ever!"  I've tried a few and the taste or appearance of the bread just wasn't up to par. Some, so chewy and others, too long to bake - resulting in dark, dense, yucky bread!

By chance one day, I was looking on the back of a bag of flour and saw a banana bread recipe. I thought, "this has to be good since it's from a flour company." Sure enough, it did not disappoint! My family loves it! The banana bread was so simple to make, very moist and quite tasty! Just check out this recipe!
It's a shame the Gold Medal Flour site doesn't include this recipe! It's a keeper! If you don't save it here, you'll have to get it from the back of the flour bag!

Be sure to visit all of the following bloggers for more Favorite Family Recipes to enjoy!