Friday, November 15, 2019

Easy Clay Angels

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It's Day Three - Holiday Kid Activities and I'm sharing a fun kid's activity on making easy clay angels!

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Easy Clay Angels
Kids love playing with clay, so why not get them crafting this holiday season by showing them how to create adorable angel ornaments using two simple cookie cutters. A circle and a heart! You won't believe how easy the angel is to make!  And the best part, instead of an ornament, the angel can also be used as a topper for Christmas presents or given as keepsakes to family and friends. 

Air Dry Clay
Circle and Heart Cookie Cutters
Rolling Pin
Parchment Paper
Crochet Doily (dollar store)
Dull knife
Acrylic Paint/brush - white
Wire for hanging

Let's get started by rolling a small amount of clay into a ball and then smoothing it out thin using a rolling pin. Kids love doing things like this!
Next, cut out a circle using the cookie cutter and then do the same with the heart cookie cutter, too! (not shown)
To create a texture in the clay, lay the crochet doily on top of the clay circle and heart and press the rolling pin over them  .  .  .
creating a lovely impression from the doily. Watch how fascinated the kids will be doing this! 
 Kids can also personalize the angels by using different kinds of stamps like this snowflake stamp, too!
Next,  fold over the circle sides, overlapping into a triangular shape that's narrow at the top and flairs out at the bottom, for the body. This is so easy for kids! Just fold one side and then the other, overlapping!

And then make wings with the heart by .  .  .

taking the dull side of a knife (adults might need to help with this) and slicing three quarters of the way through the middle of the heart at the bottom. Be sure to leave the upper portion intact.
Then spread the heart open leaving the uncut area together for a cute set of wings!

Place the angel body on top of the wings and use a finger to pinch down to seal together. You can use a skewer stick to make a small hole in the back for a hanger.

Then with a small amount of clay, roll into a ball for the head and gently place it between the opening at the top. Press the clay of the head, body and wings together to seal at the top. 
Make a halo by rolling a tiny piece of clay back and forth in the palm of your hand for a small coil and then shape into a ring.  Attach to back of head, pinching together.  Use a tad bit of water to seal, if needed. Let the clay angel air dry at least 24 hrs. or longer. You'll know when it's ready!
Paint the angels white and sprinkle with glitter while the paint is still wet. I thought the glitter was white, but it shows up in the photos as pink and blue. But I love the glistening effect and kids will too!

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  1. This angel is beautiful. Really cute idea to stamp the clay.

  2. My grandkids would love this. You did a perfect job with the wings.

  3. What a beautiful kid craft. I can see an entire try filled with these. Pinned.

  4. What a pretty angel ornament, Gail! I love how you got a pattern on it from a doily.

  5. Que bonito y que original. Siempre me sorprendes con tus trabajos. Muchas suerte en el sorteo¡¡

  6. These are so pretty! I really love the imprint of the crochet doily in the clay, it makes such a nice effect!

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