Thursday, August 18, 2022

Clay and Raffia Bowl Oopsies

Hey guys! Have you ever thought you loved working with a medium and then after a few successful projects discovered working with it is not what you thought! Here's my story:

I wanted to make a project using clay and raffia. I started this project too confident that it would turn out ok - a work of art (Ha!) or so I thought! I had worked with clay before and didn't foresee any problems, but then the problems began right away! But I must confess, it's my fault! I had no problems making this  this and this out of clay but with this one, things just didn't go as planned. 

Every month I look forward to participating in the Creative Craft Hop, hosted by Sara @Birdz of a Feather. And since I already had air dry clay left over from a previous project and loads of different colors of raffia for a project that never materialized I was all set to make a clay and raffia bowl for this hop! As I show you how I created one, I'll point out my oopsies as I call them!

Monday, August 8, 2022

Ceramic Candle Lantern Update

Breathe new life into a discarded candle lantern by changing the finish and giving the handle a brand-new macrame look! For this project, I'm using Krylon's Stone Coarse Texture spray paint in a charcoal sand color and something called  S'getti String in silver sparkle. It's a round, hollow tube made from PVC plastic. This cord is used to make crafts such as key fobs, lanyards, jewelry, and other accessories and is perfect to macrame on a handle.

I rescued this candle lantern among other things from my neighbor's moving pile of trash! You can clearly see the fibers on the handle are dry rotted and the ceramic finish looks cracked in places. Other than that the candle lantern is in pretty good shape -especially after a really good cleaning!

I remove the handle before cleaning and once the lantern was completely dry, stuffed the interior with a plastic bag stuffed with newspaper to prevent the textured paint from getting on the finish inside which was in good condition.

Then placed the lantern in a cardboard box outside to spray paint.

The directions on the can said to wait 15 minutes between coats and dries in 30 minutes  and can be handled in 5-6 hours.  No way was that true for me. I left the spray painted lantern outside in 90 degree weather for 3-4 hours before it was dry and then it was still quite tacky. And I put it inside overnight before handling the next day, too.

Drying upside down.

To macrame the handle, I had to pull off the woven rotted fibers from the wire which was in very good shape to reuse.
And then painted the wire handle a very light metallic gray to match the color of the cord. (not shown)

The next step is to determine how much cording is needed to macrame the wire handle. Since I had already macrame a wire pumpkin, I went with the measurements I use there. That is: find the length of the handle and  to multiply 4-6 times the length of the handle, and then double that amount. So from end to end of the handle, the lenght was rounded off to 20 inches. Multiply that by "5" = 100 and double that - 200 inches. Since the cord was rather thin, I used two, 200" length of cords.

For this handle, we will be making a square knot using the two folded cords as one cord. Begin by folding the two cords in half and placing the middle of the folded cord at the curve of one of the end hooks. Then tie the cords in a simple knot around the wire and push it at the curve near the end.
Next, pick up the left cord and make an "L" shape across the wire and under the right cord.

Then take the right cord under the wire and over the left cord (L shape) and out.  
Pull the right and left cords tight with the wire in the center to complete the first half knot.
Then mirror the process working with the opposite side cords, creating a backward "L" shape across the wire and under the left cord. Then take the left cord under the wire and over the right cord and out pulling cords tight.

Continue tying the square knot along the wire handle until reaching the end.
Once you reach the end, tie cords in a double knot, cutting off excess cords. and securing ends with a quick  drying  multipurpose glue.  Then push the cords together to expose the hooks and attach to lantern.

The stone finish and macrame handle gives the perfect finishing touch to a worn out look. 

Perfect for anywhere outside - patio, porch or backyard! Anywhere that needs an extra outdoor glow.

Light your patio or outdoor space and create a charming unique piece of decorative lighting. Simple add an LED remote control light inside this lantern and watch it illuminate throughout the openings all around.

I hope you enjoyed how I updated a discarded candle lantern that was destined for the trash into a beautifully stone finish with a macrame handle! Created especially for this month's Old to New Challenge Blog HopI've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a themed monthly challenge blog hop on the 2nd Monday of each month, hosted by Beverly @Across the Blvd.
Meet this month's Co-Hosts: and their awesome projects:

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Upcycled Tin Can with Decorative Top

Welcome to our Sustainable Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop hosted by Julie  @Sum of Their StoriesThe purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all of us to create a project that a) is inspired by a pin on one of our Pinterest boards and b) have some sort of a sustainable element to it. This could be an upcycling or recycling element, or something that reduces waste, uses leftovers, etc. This month the theme is "Upcycled" which includes transforming usually discarded or unused items into something different, new or useful. And I'd like to say in the crafting world, it's called "Creative Reuse!"
I love upcycle projects! For this theme, I get to shop my stash to upcycle something from it and not have to go out and buy anything - so it's a win win for me! Let me tell you I have lots and lots of discarded cans and bottles! I am very thankful that I have a good natured hubby who never complains about all the trash - I mean, items I keep, lol! He is a very neat and organized person, while I am not!  Our garage is looking quite messy right now with bags and bags of discarded containers - all being held for projects like this one.

For this theme, I knew I wanted to decoupage a tin can and I also knew I wanted to make a top for the can, too. Having a top makes it extra special and for a good storage item. And is definitely one way to help reduce household waste! 

I was perusing through Pinterest when I came across this pin which showed a can with a lid. That looked ok but I wanted to make a top that would stand out and be decorative - something I just couldn't find on any projects on Pinterest. Oh, I've made a top before - for a vase out of a styrofoam ball - which I thought was very cool. But this time I'll be making a top from a plastic juice bottle. Does that make you want to read more?