Thursday, January 30, 2020

How to Make a Wrapping Paper Heart

Thinking of a different approach to the more traditional colors of Valentines?  Forget the reds and pinks! Surprise yourself and make something new and refreshing that will still provide the loving and enticing atmosphere of Valentine's Day!  Think  metallics!  You can make a big impact by using recycle/upcycle materials like gift wrapping in bold metallic colors - that's sure to add a variety of texture and uniqueness to your valentine decorating skills!  And this heart is so easy to make, you probably already have the materials on hand: 
  • Metallic wrapping paper - 13ft
  • Thick wire (craft 12 gauge aluminum) or just use a wire coat hanger
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors
  • Skewer stick
  • Tacky glue
  • Clamp
1.  Cut off enough wire for the size of heart you want (14"x12"), bringing the ends together, curving the wire into a heart shape.

To make the tubes (about 50 for this size), I cut 3" strips of 27.5" wide wrapping paper and placed a skewer stick on the corner edge of paper at an angle. Then wrapped the end tip of the paper over the skewer and started rolling the paper with fingers pressed down on the table first.  Once you've started rolling the paper, lift up the tube so your left fingers are controlling the roll while your right hand is rolling the stick and tightening the tube.
  Just before finishing the roll, add tacky glue to the corner end tip and continue rolling until reaching the end to seal.

Temporarily straighten the heart shaped wire into a "V" to insert two tubes on either side  .  .  .

and then re-shape into a heart.  Glue the ends together at the center curve, and glue on another tube, as pictured.

Begin wrapping the tube around the heart  .  .  .

adding on additional tubes by dipping end into a little glue and inserting into the wrapping tube to make it continuous. You can clamp the tubes together while waiting for the glue to dry and continue wrapping.

As you're wrapping the tubes around the heart go back and forth -  and not in the same direction - until you're satisfied with the look and size.  The end of the last wrapped tube can be glued and inserted down among the other tubes. 

Valentine's Day d├ęcor can be as unique and non-traditional as you want it to be. Just be sure to create it lovingly! Isn't that what makes it so special?
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Monday, January 27, 2020

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Upcycle Whimsical Painted Urn

It's time for The Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge on the fourth Thursday of the month! Our first for the new year, 2020! Here, a group of creative bloggers come together to share their lovely transformations of a thrift store item. Who doesn't love thrift store upcycle projects - whether it's actually creating one or admiring how an item from a thrift store was transformed! 

 The Rules:
  • Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a new piece of decor.
  • There's no monthly theme.
  • There's no budget to stick to.
Meet the Hosts:
Angela | Simply Beautiful By Angela - Pili | My Sweet Things  
Beverly | Across the Blvd - Gail | Purple Hues and Me 
Chas | Chas' Crazy Creations - Michelle | Our Craft Mom  
Meredith | Thriftwood Home - Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home 

It's always fun shopping at Thrift stores! Sometimes you discover awesome pieces and sometimes you don't! I think it just depends on the day! I found a winner when I came upon this beauty a few months ago!  It was only $3.99! What a bargain!
The urn had lots of blemishes and imperfections and it didn't do much good using sandpaper on it since it was concrete. But it was a solid piece! I wanted to paint the urn in a whimsical design using a bit of purple - and not do the usual aged look finish. So I started out using a white chalk paint to cover all of it - inside and out!
Next, I added purple using metallic acrylics to some of the raised designs around the bottom. At that point things were not looking so good.  It still looked plain and when I attempted to add stripes to the upper portion using masking tape, the tape took off some of the chalk paint, so I nixed doing that. 

Then I thought how polka dots would be easy to add and help give the urn a striking design.  So I dipped the end of a wooden dowel into the metallic paint and carefully pressed it onto the urn surface for what I think is a lovely effect. 
After the dots were completely dry, I applied a couple of coats of gloss varnish to seal and give the finish a shiny look!
What a fun way to update a thrift store urn!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Stylish Storage Containers Using Paper

Welcome to the first Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop of 2020 hosted by Erlene @ My Pinterventures.  If you aren't familiar with the Pinterest Challenge, it's a monthly event that challenges us to not just be pin hoarders, but to make it happen by creating a few!

 This month's challenge is about organization and storage.  I was quite hesitant to join this month.  I'm so sorry to be saying this, but every new year, it's the same old, same old:  "the new year represents opportunities to get organized and storage solutions!" Why now? I am not motivated to do much in the cold weather especially since I have no extra space (we downsized a few years ago) to build, paint or even rearrange things. I like it when it's warm so I can take stuff outside and do my thing! And it's not a good time for me to sort through things either. We just got finished with Christmas - sorting and rearranging- throwing things out! Whew! I'm already worn out! That's why I was drawn to this pin! So simple and easy!

It's a super easy organization and storage idea using recycle glass jars and decorative papers to create lovely storage solutions anywhere in your home! And the best part, you can change things up by simply replacing the paper! Now, how easy is that! 

Stylish Storage Containers Using Paper Materials:
Recycle glass jars
Decorative Papers
Measuring tape
Scissors/paper cutter 

Here's how:
  • Clean and remove the labels from recycle glass jars making sure there is no sticky residue. I like to use acetone (nail polish remover) for this. I guess you figured out I like pickles, huh?
  • Measure the height of the jar where you want the paper to stop. Consider any curves in the glass when measuring - that can affect how the paper sits in the container.
  • Cut paper out.
  • Roll-up paper and insert into jar.
  • Now cut out more decorative papers to line those empty jars!
  • And then fill those jars with like items!
Now, how easy is that! It's so embarrassingly simple! And if you get tired of the colors and design, just switch out the paper! How about that!


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Monday, January 20, 2020

Packing Tape Transfer Winter Scene

Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C'mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Everyone is allowed a $10 allowance for necessities to complete their project (i.e. paint brushes, glue, etc), but the bulk of it must be created from their own stash of goodies.

Winter theme crafts are always popular just after Christmas and I've always wanted to try a packing tape transfer, so I combined the two, plus I used hot glue in silicone molds to create a 3D effect for the scene. And the best part, I had everything in my stash!

Let's start by finding an image you like and size it to the width of the packing tape to print out using a laser printer. Using an inkjet will not work. The ink will run.

Next, cut a piece of packing tape to the desired length and place sticky side up on work surface. Then lay the image face down on top of the tape, smoothing it out.  I know this sounds backwards, but I tried several times to roll the tape out on the image but I could not do it without getting a wrinkle in the tape. And once you get a wrinkle there is no way to get it out. So I came up with placing the image on top of the tape and it worked without getting any wrinkles!

Next, cut the taped image out.
 Then burnish the tape over the image with the back of a spoon. Rubbing the image and edges over and over to make sure the tape and paper are stuck together with no gaps.

Next, soak the taped image in a bowl of warm water for at least five minutes or longer to soften the paper.

Once the paper is soft, begin rubbing the paper off with the tips of your fingers (do not use your fingernails to scrap the paper off - you will see the scratches)  I like to keep the paper in the water to rub the paper off. It seems much easier to remove the backing.
Once the paper is removed, pour the water out using a strainer to catch the paper bits and pieces. You don't want that going down your drain.
Lay the image sticky side up on a paper towel to dry.
While the image is drying, fill the deer and tree molds with hot glue.

Once the taped scene is dry it becomes sticky again and can now be placed on the glass container just like a sticker.

Remove the deer and tree from the molds and glue on top of the tape image for a 3D effect.
I rubbed on a bit of stain to the deer and tree for the perfect look! 

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