Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Top 10 Crafting Favorites - What's Old is New Again

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by!  It's that time of year when most of us look back to see what projects were liked best and do a round-up of the favorites.
My philosophy when making crafts has always been, "there are no new crafts - just new ways to make them."  In other words, revamping old trends.  And many of my most popular craft projects in 2016 were just that.  I've always tried to create projects that are inexpensive and easy to make. They were mostly repurposed, recycled, upcycled, green projects that highlighted everyday items like cans, ribbon, foam, cardboard, paper, and natural fibers. 
Here's a look back at the favorites. Click on each link for the full tutorial:

1.  Recycled Soda/Beer Can Candle Holder

2.  Handcrafted Forever Spring Crocuses


Hope you are inspired to repurpose the old into something new!

As we say goodbye to 2016, a big THANK YOU to this wonderful community for your interest, encouragement and support in my crafting adventures.  I'm so looking forward to 2017 .  .  .  it's going to be an awesome year!

Best wishes and blessings to you in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wrapping Up the Holidays Favorites

A huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who participated in our Wrapping up the Holidays Link Party!  We loved all of your wonderful Christmas and Holiday ideas and inspirations!  Each of the hostesses are featuring their favorites and I'd like to share with you my top faves:

This beautiful garland is made out of - you guessed it! COTTON BALLS!  Vesna shares an amazing easy to follow tutorial that you can find here:   Christmas Cotton Pom Pom Garland by Vesna@Home Chic Club 

And would you believe this adorable snowman is covered in epsom salt - how cool, I mean, chilly is he!  Check out the quick and easy tutorial here DIY Chilly the Snowman Ornament by Shirley @Intelligent Domestications
Chilly the Snowman Ornament just hanging out in the

 You'd never guess what this lovely wreath is made of - just find out here:  How to Make a Santa Gingerbread Man Wreath by Erlene @Pinterventures

Santa Gingerbread Man Wreath - butcher paper, styrofoam wreath form, Santa hat, paint, and ribbon.

And I loved how awesome the bells look on this door decoration!  See how to make this cutie here: Jingle Bell Door Decoration by Julie @My Busy Beehives
Jingle Bell Door Decoration

 And finally, who doesn't love the vintage look of this sweet car ornament?  You can find the full tutorial here: How To Make a Little Red Christmas Car Ornament Debra @ Shoppe No.5

Be sure to visit each hostess to check out their favorites, too!

Thanks for stopping by

and take a little time to enjoy -

Happy Crafting in the New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2016

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

Here's an adorable Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament that uses a Japanese folding fabric technique called Kanzashi.  The technique was originally meant for hair ornaments but to me the design usage is unlimited. This ribbon ornament uses a simple pointy petal folding technique that's really easy to make.. but you might need to practice a bit to master it. 

Materials include:
1 1/2" wide satin ribbon (Dollar Tree)
Proxxon Hot Wire cut and seal tool
Hot glue gun
Tweezers/hair clip
Bead cone cap
Begin by cutting 1 1/2" wide ribbon into two different sizes: Fourteen (14) - 1 1/2"x3" rectangles and Five (5) - 1 1/2"x1 1/2" squares.  The easiest way for me was to use my Proxxon Hot Wire tool that cuts and seals at the same time.

To make the large and medium petals, take a 1 1/2"x3" ribbon, fold in half .  .  .

and open.

Fold corners down together at center forming triangle.
Fold again, bringing the two corners together, forming another triangle. 
For the larger petal, hold in tweezers or hair clip and seal edges with flame from a lighter.
To make a medium petal, cut  1/8" off edge and then seal with flame.  

 To make the smaller petals, take a 1 1/2"x1 1/2" square .  .  .

and fold diagonally into a triangle.

Fold again, forming another triangle.  Make sure ends and corners line up.
Using a hair clip or long tweezers, hold the edges and seal using the flame of a lighter.

For the tree ornament you will need:
8 large petals
6 medium petals
5 small petals

To assemble tree: Begin with the larger petals and add glue to edge of one petal and press together with another petal, matching sides. 

Continue gluing petals together at edges .  .  .

 until all are glued together.  Add glue to last petal and  .  .  .
 seal together forming the bottom section of tree.

Glue together the medium petals the same as before.  Add glue to top of large petal section and line up the medium petals on top.
Glue together the smaller petals .  .  .

 as pictured.

Secure the smaller grouped petals to top with glue.

Secure a hanging thread to top of beaded cone cap and glue onto top of small petals.

Adding a bead cone cap really dresses up the tree ornament!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Holiday Crafting!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cascading Presents From Santa's Bag

Last year I made a floating pitcher with cascading flowers that sits on my kitchen counter next to the sink.  So the other day while washing dishes and looking at the pitcher, I had a crafting moment of creating the illusion of presents spilling out of Santa's bag, cascading down to the base of a Christmas tree.  How cool would that be!

Here's how I put one together:

I remembered seeing little wrapped presents at the Dollar Tree and I already had a small Christmas Tree, so next I had to make a simple no-sew Santa bag and then, put it all together.

First, gather: 
Wrapped packaged presents (Dollar Tree)
Small tree
Wood base
Styrofoam ball (small)
Fabri-Tac fabric glue
Styrofoam ball - 6"(half)
Floral wire stem - 14"(thick)
Tree embellishments

Let's begin by making a no-sew Santa's bag. 
  • Cut a piece of fleece 12"x7"
  •  Fold the ends over 1/2" and iron the folds for grooves for the drawstrings.
  •  Open crease and place a ruler 1/8" away from edge to keep the glue inline.  Then apply fabric glue along the fabric edge.

  •  Cut two 12" cords and place one on open fold and close, sealing the fabric together.  Run fingers along edge securing the fabric together. Repeat steps on opposite end.
  • To seal bag sides, place ruler 1/8" from edge and run a bead of fabric glue along the long edge half way.  Do the same on the opposite side and fold the bag close, sealing the side edges with your fingers.  Once dry, knot the drawstring ends.
  • Turn bag inside out.
  • Next, place a small amount of poly-fil in corners of bag to fill out.
  • Then cut the larger foam ball in half and insert into bag at an angle. 
  • Bend the floral stem into a slight L shape and place into foam and secure with glue and let dry.

  • Cut the small foam ball in half and glue in place on wood base. Add a bit of glue onto base of tree and insert into foam ball.  Let dry. 
  • Place a mound of hot glue on wood base and insert a slightly bent end of the floral stem. Let glue set up.  Once dry, add more hot glue to top of floral stem, sealing in place.  Hold floral stem until glue sets up and dries. 
  • Begin gluing presents into opening of Santa's Bag and around stem .  .  . 

cascading down and around the base of the tree. I tried making a few small wraps but they were too time consuming and didn't look that great, either.
  • Add a few ornaments and or lights to the tree and you're all set!
And ready for the kitchen or elsewhere!
Take a little time to enjoy

Happy Holiday Crafting!