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Lavender Frost Daisy Catchall Dish

One of the best things about springtime is seeing all the pretty spring flowers blooming everywhere! So why not bring a pretty touch of spring to your home decor by making a super cute spring Lavender Frost Daisy Catchall Dish out of polymer clay! It's a  perfect addition to our Creative Craft Hop hosted this month by Sara @Birdz of a Feather! Welcome! We are so glad you're here! If you're coming over from Carol @ Blue Sky at Home, wasn't her recovered outdoor bench cushion fabulous! At the bottom of my post I'll tell you the next stop on this hop! But be sure to visit all of the creative crafters who join this hop for some amazing inspirations! 

I recently came across a picture of a flower called Serenity Lavender Frost ‘Balserlavosim’ daisy that I really loved. Just take a look:

Can you imagine seeing something like this in a dish made out of clay? I had some left over polymer clay from a few months ago when I made a heart shaped dish that I needed to use before it got too hard to make anything. So I was going to try to make a dish with this lovely daisy as my inspiration! 


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How To:
First, I needed to find a free twelve petals (rays) flower (daisy) template online which I did. Then I copied the template, printed it using a laser printer and then cut it out! 

Next, I got out the left over oven baked clay and laid it out on parchment paper.

Next, I tried rolling it into ball and .  .  .

after much kneading to soften the clay up, I was able to make a ball.
Then, used a roller pin (Dollar Tree) to roll the clay out into a round shape .  .  . 
about a 1/4" thick.

Once I had a round shape that was big enough for the template, I placed the flower template on top and .  .  .

started cutting the flower design out.
I know .  .  . I didn't do such a great job cutting the flower template out, lol! You can see I had trouble going around the petal tips.
Never the less, I removed the access clay around the flower.
Then I started kneading a small amount of lavender (purple) clay to make the center disc. 
Rolling the clay into a cylinder shape to .  .  .
coil into a disc to .  .  .
place in the center of the flower.
Then I used the edge of an old plastic ID card I got from a cruise to define the petals.
The flower is really beginning to come together, don't you think!
Carefully lay the flower into a oven safe bowl. One that would allow the petals to curl up a bit and not lay flat.
Pre-set the oven at 275 degrees per package instructions and place the bowl on a metal cookie sheet. 
Place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes per instructions. Once the fifteen minutes were over, I let the dish stay in the oven until the oven cooled. 
Once the flower was at room temperature, I used a nail file to smooth out the edges of the petals.
Then I painted the bottom of the dish using white chalk paint - which didn't seem to brighten the clay, so I painted on a second coat of an acrylic paint called snow white. That looked pretty good, so I painted the top, too.
Once the white paint was dry, it was time to paint the disc, lavender purple. I had a time painting on the rays from the disc using the tip of a toothpick. Oh well! Once all of the paint was dry, I painted on a coat of Sculpey Glaze to seal. 

I must say that I love how the Lavender Frost Daisy catchall dish turned out!
It looks really cool and it certainly does compliment my decor! Just perfect for Spring!

I hope you enjoyed how I made my Lavender Frost Daisy Catchall Dish!  Welcome once again to our Creative Craft Hop! 

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  1. I logged into an old iPad and can finally leave you a comment!! You really did justice to the daisy and captured its beauty; it looks incredible Gail!

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! I'm so glad you were able to comment! I guess Blogger is old school and not up with the new techniques, lol! A big THANK YOU for hosting this awesome craft hop!

  2. This is so pretty Gail! I love the way you added texture with the plastic card and toothpick. Your tutorials are all so thorough, thanks for sharing all the tips and tricks. Using the bowl was brilliant! So so pretty~

    1. Thanks, Jenna! I can get carried away with the details at times! It's always a pleasure hopping with you! You are very creative!

  3. You always have the best projects, Gail. Your daisy is beautiful and a great way to bring spring flowers indoors without the pollen! I've never seen a Serenity Lavender Frost Daisy (gorgeous, by the way), but you sure captured it with this project.

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I know! When we think of daisies, it's always the white and yellow ones! I was glad I came across this one! It was a true inspiration!

  4. Beautiful as always and so cute to put your catch all!

    1. Thanks, Patricia! You know it goes with all of my colors and decorations!

  5. Gail, I love daisies, and your inspiration is such a pretty variety. Your daisy dish is absolutely lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Cecilia! I think we all love daisies! It was great hopping with you! You have the best creations!

  6. What a beautiful dish Gail, it looks identical to the real thing. I have never worked with polymer clay before, but I am thinking I will give it a try after seeing your project.

  7. Love how this turned out. So pretty and practical. I’ve got to get out the package of clay I’ve had for a year and not opened.

  8. Wow! I would buy that dish in a store in a heartbeat. It turned out so lovely and you captured the image of that daisy so well. You are very talented Gail.


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