Monday, October 14, 2019

Purple Beads Napkin Ring DIY

 Welcome to our monthly challenge blog hop!  I've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a themed monthly challenge blog hop on the 2nd Monday of each month! This month, it’s our Craft DeStash Blog Hop. And for this challenge we're to create a project using only items currently found in our craft stash! 
I'm sharing with you a tutorial on making an adorable Purple Beads Napkin Ring! This is a super easy craft but very time consuming and one that's quite popular as a Christmas ornament.  But wouldn't these colorful beads look really cool as napkin rings, too? Oh, yeah!!!

And you won't believe what I had in my stash for this project! One of the items I'm using is over forty years old. Monarch Marking Pin-on pins! Back then, the pin roll was fed through a machine and used for ticketing and pricing merchandise! Wow! Times have really changed! I got the pin roll from a friend who worked for Kann's, a department store in Washington, DC that went out of business back in 1975. Needless to say, I haven't had to buy any straight pins for a number of years now! Lol!  

I also had some styrofoam balls and shower curtain rings from the dollar store, plus, the usual things needed like glue, in my stash too! And of course, purple beads that I saw on Amazon a few years ago and had to have at the time! I'm always buying things I see in purple that I can use in future projects or not! 

Materials for the Napkin Rings:
  • Styrofoam Balls (1.9" or smaller)
  • Shower Curtain Rings
  • Purple Beads (asst 8mm)
  • Sequins
  • Straight pins 
  • Tacky Glue or a quick grab, fast drying permanent glue like super glue
Let's get started with attaching the shower ring to the styrofoam ball. The shower ring opens sideways at the snap, so it needs to be pulled apart sideways.  But first, after opening, add tacky glue or super glue to the shower ring ends and then insert them into the foam ball at an equal distance just below the middle. Then squeeze the ring together into its' natural position. Don't force the ring to close tighter than it would normally do. 
Add additional glue around where the ring ends are inserted into the foam and let dry.
Next, spread a bit of glue along the center of the styrofoam ball - just a little bit at a time and insert the tip of a straight pin through a sequin and then into a bead and place the straight pin down into the ball.  
 I started adding the beads using white tacky glue but it was taking too long to dry so I switched to super glue. For placement of the beads, I tried to follow the colors in the tray so the same colors would not end up being side by side. 
 Continue the previous steps of assembling the beads and gluing in place until the ball is completely covered. Then check to make sure all the beads are secure and dry. Additional glue may be needed.  And that's it!  How cool is that!
Easy peasy, but not that quick to make .  .  .
but oh so pretty!
What a lovely napkin ring to make for a beautiful table setting .  .  .
to impress your guests!
The perfect accent piece for your tablescape!

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  1. Siempre haces trabajos originales y muy inspiradores.

  2. How pretty! The sequins are such a nice sparkling touch. Looks beautiful with the table setting.

  3. Your napkin ring is so pretty! Thank you for the tutorial. What a clever creation. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. These look like mini hot air balloons. I love them! What a fun way to decorate a table setting.

  5. Your napkin rings are gorgeous and it makes your place setting a jeweled beauty! Thanks for showing us how to make them.

  6. Che bello questo portatovaglioli....bellissimo progetto!!
    buona settimana

  7. Oh so pretty and what a neat idea! I just knew this had to be your project when I saw all those pretty purple hues put together. Love it! Pinned.

  8. Those beads are beautiful! Your napkin ring as such a nice touch to your place setting!

  9. Wow,a beautiful napkin ring. Love the purple and the bling. I can see all different colors. They look fabulous on the table. Gail, thank you for sharing your cool projects at “Love Your Creativity.”

  10. Beautiful napkin ring! You come up with so many great purple creations. I love the purple beads, and the napkin ring looks gorgeous with your napkins.

  11. You have an amazing craft stash to "shop" from. It must have been painstaking to get the sequins on top of the beads. It turned out so pretty!

  12. This is such a pretty napkin ring, Gail! I always know that if it's purple, then it's one of Gail's gorgeous creations. Pinned

  13. Only you Gail. This is so very pretty and that pin roll is fascinating. OMW how many pins are in a roll?


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