Thursday, October 31, 2019

Buffalo Plaid Dollar Store Ornament DIY

The following is a re-post of an earlier tutorial which was quite popular because Buffalo plaid crafts continue to be quite trendy and faddish. The post was linked to Dollar Store crafts and Buffalo crafts should be highlighted, too!

It's amazing what can be created with items from the dollar store and especially Christmas crafts!  I'm transforming a plain dollar store ornament into a beautiful buffalo plaid trendy showpiece! You've seen those ornaments at the dollar store that have no character - a plain ornament that's quite large and painted in a dull gray color! One that blemishes quite easily! Yuck! 

 And, you won't believe that I'm using left over buffalo plaid fabric from an older dollar store Christmas craft challenge, too! I know, that's sounds a little weird! I didn't realize it at first! But believe me, it's a great way to use up leftover scraps and other dollar store items to make this beauty! 
Large Ornament - $
Rubber Bands/Paper Towel/Pencil
Buffalo Plaid Fleece Fabric Scraps - $
Fabri-Tac Glue
Metallic Foil-edge Ribbon - $
Mod Podge
Epsom Salt - $
Glitter/Seed Beads
Hot Glue
Tiny straight pins
7/8" Ribbon - $

Let me start off by saying that it's a bit tricky to cover ornaments evenly and smooth using plaid fabric. I'm not talking about gathering the fabric and tying it together at the top or cutting strips and haphazardly gluing them on. I'm talking about trying to match the lines and pattern - so you'll have a more cohesive finished look.  I've tried it before with no success. Until now, I think! 

And the secret is .  .  . the type of fabric to use. Something that gives so you can stretch it a bit and make it lay flat around curves. 

So let's get started! First, use rubber bands to segment the ornament in order to make a pattern out of the fabric. You can adjust the bands to make the sections even all around.
Next, take a paper towel (it's flexible) and use a pencil lead tip to rub out the outline of one of the sections.
 I tweaked the drawing, making the ends into points and cut it out for a template.
Cut out one section of the fabric and match up the lines or pattern of each additional section with the first section pattern of the fabric. (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that)
Next, position the first fabric section on the ornament and add fabric glue underneath, along the fabric edges - from one end to the other and smooth out the fabric on the ornament.
For the second section, run a bead of fabric glue along the edge of the first section and partially on the ornament. Take the second fabric piece and match up the pattern (stretching a bit to match) while gluing them together onto the ornament. 
Continue adding sections by running a bead of glue on the edge, 
matching patterns as before .  .  .
until the ornament is completely covered.
I know this isn't a perfect matching of the fabric but it does look cohesive and neat.  
To start embellishing the ornament, 
cut off the metallic flat side edges of dollar store ribbon -
 two to three inches (you judge how long you want them) .  .  .
and form a V shape with the ends, gluing the tip with a dab of hot glue.
Make seven of them!
Next, use tiny straight pins to hold the V shapes in place  .  .  .
while evenly spacing them around the top of the ornament.
This design looks so cool, don't you think!
Next, add a snowy look to the top by mixing Epsom salt, glitter, seed beads and mod podge together.  
Paint on a bit of mod podge to the fabric first before adding the snow
mixture to the top so it will adhere better.
This can get quite messy!
And let dry for a few hours.
Next, tie on a hanging wire loop to the center and glue down the tips of the "Vs" 

Glue on additional embellishments (added smaller V shapes) -  stems, berries, and bow ribbon 
 to complete the look!

Here's a pic of my 2017 Dollar Store Christmas Craft Challenge
 (Plaid Decoupage Candle Holder) on the left with this years'!


  1. Wow Gail you did a great job with this! Love the affect of the Epsom salts with mod-podge for snow! I think the fabric turned out excellent and I love the silver accent!

  2. Gail a darling project. Love the snow effect. The Buffalo Plaid is so popular this year. Happy Halloween.

  3. You made such a pretty ornament and I too love the plaid.

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