Tuesday, October 15, 2019

MacKenzie Childs Inspired Pumpkin

Some of my favorite inspirations for craft projects come from MacKenzie-Childs! I can easily imagine lots of the MC items in purple and white instead of black and white! If only, lol! And it seems like this year, MC has gone all out with a beautiful and colorful decorative collection for the Fall season! 

I was especially taken with an MC sunflower that I pinned since I actually had ribbon in a purple and white check that resembles the MacKenzie-Child's pattern. I painted a paper mache pumpkin in the design of MacKenzie-Child's stripes - using purple and white. And also created a faux MC inspired sunflower -  that and the rest, represents a whimsical collection of flowers, bow ribbon and what-knots to the pumpkin design!
Here's how:
  • Start with a paper mache pumpkin - This one is around 14" tall!
  •  Paint on several layers of white acrylic craft paint and let dry.
  • Then paint alternating sections in purple. Once dry, seal with a gloss varnish.
  • To make a larger pumpkin stem, cut out a section of a empty paper towel roll in the desired height.  Lightly dampen the cardboard and cover with tacky glue. Then twist into a stem shape and let dry. I wrapped parchment paper around the twisted stem and held it together with a clamp to dry. 
  • After drying, paint stem a metallic gold.
  • Glue stem over existing stem stub and begin gluing on a few decorative accessories.
  • To make the sunflower: Cut out a petal pattern from folded cardstock.
  • Then, fold the checked ribbon over several times and cut out petals following the pattern. Repeat for plain color ribbon petals.
  •  For the center: Cut out a small section from the round end of a styrofoam ball. Paint it a dark color. Glue a piece of felt to back and let dry.  Begin gluing on petals around the side of the styrofoam circle - first the check pattern petals .  .  . 
and then the plain color petals, alternating between.
Once all the petals are glued on, use the blade of a dinner knife to shape (curve) the petal edges out. 
Then, make a few bows and glue on the sunflowers to the top of the ribbon and pumpkin for an adorable whimsy look .  .  .
and a super fun decorative fall piece!
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  1. Que originalidad ¡¡Eres Ășnica creando trabajos ingeniosos.

  2. The pumpkin is so pretty. I wish they sold more purple and white check stuff too. The flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Gail I just love the colorful pumpkin you shared with us today. Love the flower bow and how you painted your pumpkin. Great share!

  4. I love your inspired MKC pumpkin and it looks great with the purple theme.

  5. It's beautiful! I love the colors :-)

  6. That is so cute; I just love the flowers you made to embellish the stem. Pinned.

  7. I love it when you can recreate something for a fraction of the cost. And you get to take credit for how beautiful it is, too!

  8. Super cute idea. Any Mackenzie Child’s collector would love this cute pumpkin.

  9. Awesome!! Love your crafts, Gail! Have a great week. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  10. Love the purple! Great idea and much cheaper!

  11. Gail I really wanted to create a Mckenzie Child's inspired project for Fall, and didn't. Yours is amazing and inspiring. Love how this came together.

    1. Leanna, I think we all are inspired with MacKenzie-Dhilds!!!

  12. Beautiful pumpkin! And I had to look up Mackenzie Childs because I am obviously outside the decorating loop but your pumpkin is a wonderful replica of their style!

  13. This is such a beautiful pumpkin, Gail! Love that everything from the pumpkin stem to the flowers are all handmade. Pinned

  14. I love this pumpkin! I love the Mackenzie Childs theme. The bow and flower are gorgeous! Pinning!!!

  15. Nice! I like how you changed it up to your own colors. I think the purple and orange work great together.

  16. Very pretty....As a M-C fan I enjoy seeing everyone's take on painting similarly! The sunflower is especially cute!!

  17. What a fun and unique look for a pumpkin, Gail. Your purple accents for fall are lovely

  18. Thank you for showing how you made the flowers. This is so cute! Thank you for linking up with us at #OMHGWW

  19. Your use of purple is always so much fun! Pinned

  20. So much prettiness in one place. I love the contrast colours and the vibrantness of this and that little flower is just perfect.


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