Monday, October 21, 2019

Wood Curl Decorative Sphere

I've always admired those wood curl decorative items especially done in wreaths and designs like pumpkins, animals and even christmas trees! So I was excited to see actual wood curl flowers available at Hobby Lobby some time ago - I did buy one bag not having a clue as to what I would do with it. And that's about as far as my idea of making an adorable wood curl project went! Now it's time to use up that bag of wood curls for this months' Craft Room De-Stash Challenge! Nothing lavish though - it would cost too much for me to even make a wreath!  So the next best thing would be to make something smaller and simple like a decorative sphere or orb - something that's very popular for filling bowls, vases or maybe a pomander ball with a hanging rope that's often seen at weddings and other celebratory events! How cool would that be!
Here' how to make a Wood Curl Decorative Sphere -

  • Wood curls flowers
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Hot glue
This decorative sphere is easy and quick to make .  .  . 
simply by gluing the wood curl bases onto a small styrofoam ball .  .  .
following an imaginary line around the ball.
Continue gluing on the curls, filling in, until the ball is completely covered!
So easy peasy with adorable results! 
That adds a rustic vibe to any decor!

Here's a little bit about the Craft Room Destash Challenge:

Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C'mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Everyone is allowed a $10 allowance for necessities to complete their project (i.e. paint brushes, glue, etc), but the bulk of it must be created from their own stash of goodies.

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  1. Viendo tus creaciones parecen fáciles pero estoy seguro que hay que tener mucho arte para que queden así de bonitas.
    Felicidades por tu trabajo.

  2. I've noticed these wood curl projects becoming more popular. I didn't know they sell them at Hobby Lobby! Your project turned out really nice Gail!

  3. I have not seen these flowers in a store yet. Beautiful project.

  4. Oooooooo that's lovely Gail and you can put few drops of essential oils on it too

  5. This is gorgeous! I haven't seen the wood curls before.

  6. I love this! I haven't seen this wooden curl stuff previously but now I think I need to get them!

  7. This is a pretty way to use those wood curls, Gail. It would look great as a flourish for a buffet table or as a focal point on a coffee table. Lovely.

  8. Love this project Gail - would like to create this for my home! :-)


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