Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Make a Floral Bow Door Swag

 This tutorial first appeared on Bowdabrablog where I'm on the design team. The floral bow swag is quite unique in its' design and gives off such a warm, welcoming feel for summer! A beautiful floral bow design with pink wispy flower stems surrounding a gorgeous Bowdabra summer bow! And the best part, you wouldn't believe how easy it is to create using your Bowdabra!

Let’s get started by gathering the following materials:
Bowdabra Wand
Bowdabra Bow Wire 
Wired 2.5" Ribbon (9ft)
Wispy Flower Stems
Floral Foam/Floral Wire/Pins
Hot glue
Decorative Butterfly Clip 

Then fold a 36″ piece of Bowdabra wire in half and lay in the Bowdabra, You’ll have a loop at one end and two loose pieces at the opposite end and tuck end under.

Let's begin making the swag by bending the stem ends of the wispy flowers left or right to spread the branches around the Bowdabra as you insert them.  Then place different lengths of flower stems down into the Bowdabra with shorter branches on top and sides, and larger stems hanging down towards the bottom.  

Next, crease the end of the wired ribbon and place down into the Bowdabra.
Make  a 5" loop on one side and place the ribbon down into the Bowdabra!
 Since the plaid design is on both sides, fold the other side at the same 5" width for the next loop, creasing the ribbon down into the Bowdabra.  
Continue to make loops on each side until you're satisfied with the look. I made a total of ten loops, five on each side. Then scrunch down the ribbon using the Bowdabra Wand.
Make a slip knot by taking the loose ends of the bow wire through the wire loop, pulling tight while gently pulling the bow out. Separate the wires around to the back, tying in a double knot.
 Next, pull the bow wire through floral foam using floral wire shaped into a "U." Make a loop for hanging and secure with a floral pin and seal with hot glue.

Thanks for stopping by
and take a little time to enjoy,
Happy Crafting!


  1. Ha quedado espectacular y precioso. Me encanta¡¡

  2. You made the prettiest bow for the door swag. Thanks for showing us how to make one!

  3. I LOVE your pretty swag, Gail, it's so pretty! I think it would make beautiful wedding aisle decor. Pinned :)

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