Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Flower Bath Foam Scrubbies

We all love participating in Pinterest Challenges! You just never know what you might find and inspire you on Pinterest! While searching for hostess gift ideas, imagine my surprise to see an Eva Sponge included in a Spa Gift Basket!  

For those of you who don't know what "eva" means in the crafting world - they're referring to those "foam sheets" you find in the kiddie section of craft stores! Yep, that's right, foam sheets! Oh boy was I excited!!! I've made lots of crafts using foam sheets so I knew right away I could easily make something like this! Heck, yeah! 

Materials Needed:
Foam Sheets - 12" x 18"
White Twine
Rubber Band (large,thin)
You will also need the ball point of a pen that doesn't work.

Begin by creating a template of petals. I drew a larger petal first and copied that five times next to each other and then drew a smaller one to copy five times, combining all the petals into a strip. The larger petal is 2 1/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide and the smaller one is half that width. You can copy and paste this to Word and adjust the size, if you want. But, you'll probably be able to draw a much neater looking template! Lol!
Next, use the ball point tip of a pen that no longer writes to outline the petals on the foam sheets. I used the entire length of the sheets (18") and outlined three rows to cut out. 
Once the rows of petals are cut out, it's time to make the hanging rope by braiding four strands of 15" white twine.
Here's how:
1.  Tape down the ends of four white twine strands 15" long to your work surface.
2. Take the strand on the far right and pass it over the strand next to it and group the two strands in the middle. 

3.  Then take the far left strand over the two strands next to it.
4. And, as in the beginning, continue on by taking the far right strand over the strand next to it (grouping the two strands in the middle)  Continue on!
5. Then take the far left strand over the two strands next to it and continue braiding following the same steps over and over .  .  .

until reaching the end.
And finally, tie the braided ends together in a loop, cutting off excess twine.

For the scrubbie, place the strips of foam petals on top of each other, staggering the pieces so that the longer length end is on the outside, then the next length and the shortest on top. *Don't follow the picture below. The hanging rope goes on top of the smaller petals. You want the smaller petals in the center of the scrubbie after rolling. I realized my mistake after I took the picture. Sorry I didn't take a corrected picture.

Begin rolling the foam sheets together starting with the smaller petals. Be sure to roll tight while keeping the edges straight. Notice how the strips are staggered near the end as you roll.
Once you've reached the end, hold tight while .  .  .
wrapping a large, thin rubber band around about a 1/4 inch away from the edge  
as many times as you can for tightness and to hold the foam in place.
Next, tie a strand of white twine as tight as you can over the rubber band, tying  in two or three knots to secure. Then cut off the rubber band. 
Also, cut off the excess twine close to the tied knots.
Push the outside petals down and out and it's done!
Easy peasy, right!
How cute is this for bath or shower! And great as a gift, too!

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  1. very cute. I am pinning this for later. I am sure to be using this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are really cute. I never would have thought of using craft foam for scrubbies!

  3. OH my goodness; those are adorable!! Pinning.

  4. This is gorgeous! I can't believe this is made with foam sheets. Love it!

  5. I didn't know the foam sheets were called eva. But when I read that I knew this craft would be right up your alley!

  6. Wait! What??? Foam sheets! I'm trying to visualize what they are like scrubbing the body? Never heard of such a thing! How long do they hold up? These are super cute btw.

    1. That's a good question, Kelli! They must hold up a bit. I did a google search on eva bath sponge and I found them on a Chinese company site called Alibaba - real cheap btw! They looked just like the one pictured in the gift set and then there was a style in a popular felt pattern (slits) I think we're all familiar with.

  7. Interesting, I've never seen a bath scrubber made this way. Would be super cute in a gift basket. Pinned.

  8. This are so cute! I am thinking they would be darling as brooches. I learned to make a bookpage flower that was very similar and then forgot how to do it. Maybe I could use this same idea and pattern? Great project!

  9. Very cute idea! I am trying to imagine how they would feel to use. They are almost too pretty to be used!

  10. It looks really lovely, the perfect addition to a gift basket.

  11. So cute! I saw these at a store somewhere local (one of those fancy boutique stores) and they were not cheap! Nice to know they are so easy to make!

  12. Una forma muy fácil y rápida de hacer flores. Te felicito como siempre por tu trabajo.

  13. WHAT?! Foam for the bathroom? I don't use body wash, but I may just need to to try this out!


  14. Love these- such a cute tutorial!
    We would love if you would share at our weekly link-up party Handmade & Otherwise (Fridays 8am-Mondays 8pm). http://petalspiesandotherwise.com/category/handmade-otherwise/

  15. Gail, this is amazing. I love the flower bath scrubbie. You have so much patience and skills.

  16. Son unas flores bellísimas Gail ,gracias por compartirlas !!!!!!!!! como siempre te felicito .

  17. By now I should really know that whenever I click on a purple project it'll most definetly lead to your blog :-) I have been eying those foamy sheets super often but so far I've never worked with them. Maybe someday soon I'll come up with an amazing idea like yours! Pinning

  18. Those would be lovely for babies, I bet they are soft. They are the perfect addition to a gift basket, Gail

  19. I am very intrigued by this . Want to know how many sheets did you use and the size. Thanks thinking about Christmas gifts . 😀

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