Monday, June 10, 2019

Twine Altered Tuna Can

Welcome again to our Monthly Challenge Blog Hop! I've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a themed monthly challenge blog hop on the 2nd Monday of each month!

 For the month of June, it's my favorite Destash Challenge! And for this challenge we're to create a project using only items currently found in our craft stash! And that means making something with crafty supplies we already have or re-making an item we've been holding on to for a while. It's always fun and cost next to nothing to make things out of what we already have! 

Take cans for example! I save lots of cans of all sizes! You just never know when you might need a can for a project! Some time ago I saw a video in Russian that showed a can wrapped in twine, including a top, along with a few other items that were being made. I didn't have a clue as to what was being said and I couldn't find the original video, but I did take a screenshot of the piece when I first saw it for inspiration. 
I was inspired with how unusual the can looked especially with the top, so I thought I would try my hand at re-creating something similar with items from my stash!

So I gathered:
Tuna Can
Jute Twine
Baker's Twine
Aileene's Tacky Glue
Styrofoam Ball (1/2 of 4")
Magic Marker
Plastic Wrap
Parchment Paper
Hot Glue
Floral Stem Wire/Bead

Start by placing a line of tacky glue at the can's edge and begin wrapping jute twine around the can,
adding glue along the way while wrapping until reaching the end. Then, cut off excess twine.
To make the top, take half of a 4" styrofoam ball and place the round portion in the can, making sure it sits straight and level. Next, draw a line with a magic marker around ball where top of can meets. 
Next, wrap the styrofoam in plastic wrap, securing it at bottom and then add tacky glue following the drawn-on line. Place jute twine on glue and begin wrapping around styrofoam, 
adding tacky glue to twine as you wrap and keeping the rows straight and together until reaching top center. Cut off excess twine and .  .  .
let glue dry, becoming clear.
To make a decorative criss-cross look on top, separate the threads of baker's twine,
then slather tacky glue all over individual pieces to make the threads straight and firm. Let dry on parchment paper.
Begin the design by running a line of tacky glue across the top .  .  .
and placing the thread on top of the glue,  smoothing it down into the glue for a good connection. Next, continue spacing out lines of glue down on top and placing threads on glue making sure the threads are saturated into the glue until 
the top is covered. Next, add glue across the threads in a slanted pattern at the center top and continue placing the threads down in a cross-cross effect until the top is covered in a criss-cross design. Let dry.
Once dry, cut off excess threads around the base.  Then braid the baker's twine
to add to the bottom of the top and can.
Measure braided twine around the base and saturate the braid with tacky glue where it starts and ends so the braid won't unravel when cut. Let dry.  Glue on the braid at the base of top using hot glue and also on the base of the can.
Loosen plastic wrap from styrofoam and remove top.
Remove plastic wrap from inside the top and .  .  .
cut off stuck-on plastic around edges. 

To make a decorative top handle in the shape of a flower, twist 5 floral stem wires around a magic marker to make petals,
then glue all stems together, and cut off excess wires. Hot glue bead in the center of the petals and glue onto middle of top.
Isn't this adorable for keeping trinkets and what-knots in!

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Now on to our Blog Hop!
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  1. How cute, Gail! It's always fun to see what we can come up with from our craft stash!

  2. Wow you came up with a great idea for this challenge. That is really cute!

  3. That is so cute and I would never in a million years think you had used a tuna can! So very creative.

  4. This would be cute to have in the bathroom for my jewelry I wear everyday! You always have such clever ideas!

  5. How cute, Gail! You always come up with such wonderful craft projects.

  6. This is so cute! I definitely could use this to hold earrings or rings or my many stitch markers. I love the purple twine! Pinning!

  7. How clever, especially that domed lid! Well done! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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