Monday, March 27, 2017

Recycled Cereal Box Pocket Wreath for Spring

Are you tired of the usual round wreaths that decorate your door?  Here's an easy way to recycle a cereal box into an adorable handmade pocket wreath to showcase your favorite spring blooms.

Cereal box/cardboard
Glass Cylinder
Hot Glue Gun
Masking tape
Outdoor Mod Podge/Sealer
FolkArt Painted Finishes - Dimensional Moss Effect
Hole Punch/Duct Tape
Floral Foam
Faux Pansies

Let's get started by opening a large cereal box at the side seam and placing the print side down.
Using a ruler, draw the shape of a vase with straight lines and .  .   .

cut out.

To enhance the curved shape, gently rub cardboard cut-out around a glass cylinder into a vase shape. Place cardboard cut-out shape onto remaining cereal box cardboard, the width of the vase, as pictured.

Apply hot glue to the long edge of the cut-out and .  .  .

place on top of the cardboard holding in place until the hot glue cools.

Repeat for the opposite side and let glue cool.

Cut off excess cardboard at sides. Next, apply hot glue to narrow bottom and place on cardboard, holding in place until cool and dry.
Cut off excess cardboard around bottom shape.

Reinforce sides, outside, inside, and bottom with additional hot glue and cool.

Tape sides and bottom with masking tape for additional strength.
Coat vase with Outdoor Mod Podge or sealer.
Once dry, apply the Dimensional Moss Effect paint.

Then, punch two holes for hanging, reinforcing with duct tape. 

Tie ribbon and knot in hanging holes and glue floral foam inside. Then .  .  . 

arrange flowers, topped with a bow and hang on door.

This handmade recycle cardboard wreath is a lovely pocket full of pansies!

Thanks for stopping by
and take a little time to enjoy -
Happy Crafting!


  1. what a clever idea and it turned out beautifully!! the pansies were a great choice!!!

  2. OMG! Gail this is beautiful and amazing! Love it! Pinned to share.

  3. Wow, this is perfect! And I've never heard of moss dimensional paint! Where did you find that? I'm thinking I need some!

  4. Como siempre, sorprendente, creativo y muy, muy bonito.

  5. This is pretty,creative and economical!

  6. So very inspirative idea. Thank You.

  7. Wow, great idea! Thank you a lot!
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  8. Gail, you are amazing!! It looks gorgeous and no one would ever know it's made out of cardboard!! There's no need to spend tons of money when you can DIY

  9. That is lovely! Such a great alternative to a wreath. Pinned.

  10. Fabulous idea and it looks so beautiful! Thanks for the directions.

  11. Oh how beautiful Gail. I would never in a million years have thought it was a cereal box. It looks so lovely

  12. Such a great idea! And the flowers are so pretty!

  13. And it is lightweight so you could hang it anywhere. Love this idea.

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  19. So springy looking! Love the idea of recycling the cereal box!

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