Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weathered Wood Plaque

Where would we be without re-creating something that we love and want (in most cases)   .   .   .  something that we don't want to pay that outrageous price attached to it?  Or better yet,  looking at the item and saying, oh, I can make that! 

Weathered Wood Plaque
Ballard Designs Weathered Wood Plaque

 I saw this plaque in the Ballard Designs Catalog that I recently received.  I am always looking for wall decor to help fill up some of the blank wall space that I have.  I thought it looked interesting and I thought I could  easily copycat that  .   .   .

And I wasn't wrong! 

I got the largest embroidery hoop I could find (Jo-Ann Fabric, 23")  for the outer rim. A smaller 15 inch version. Hand saw, tape measure and clamps.  E6000 glue and Martha Stewart gray paint.
     I removed (cut evenly) the wooden fastener from one of the hoops  .   .   .

and cut the hoop after measuring where the center of the "whole" hoop would be, gluing the two pieces, back to back together. 

After cutting the fastener off the smaller hoop .  .  .
I measured the hoop evenly at the position pictured .   .   .
I glued and clamped the ends for both pieces .   .   . 
slightly closer than the Ballard Designs pattern.

Painted gray  .   .   .

and hung.

What do you think about this knock-off?

Thanks for stopping by

and take a little time to enjoy,

Happy Crafting!





  1. Duuude- no way! That's uh-mazing!!
    I love your creativity, and I certainly love your style. That little reading nook has my name written all over it!
    Seriously, I'm way excited, the coolest thing I've seen for quite a while. Did you just go and save yourself more than $150???

  2. Looks so like the Ballard Design ... would be hard to tell the difference unless side by side. Great job. Looks so good in your special corner.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  3. I'm thorougly impressed! Your embroidery hoop idea was brilliant! I wouldn't have ever thought of it! You are a true crafter- you used readily available resources and make a hard looking idea simple (well maybe not simple) but certainly awesome!
    You did a great job with your copycat!! Love it!

  4. You are a genius! I can't believe how great that turned out. Ya, I'd definitely copy cat instead of paying that hefty price tag. Well at least now that you've shown how it can be done!! Great work!


  5. very clever of you.

  6. That's very clever, Gail. I'm imagining how that design would look with different textured paints.

  7. I think you are one clever lady! looks awesome. Thanks for sharing at the copy cat.

  8. *Wolf Whistles* That is one spot on hot knock off!

  9. Wowser I'm loving this!!

  10. Nice job. I look through my catalogs all the time trying to find something I can make myself. Some things in those catalogs are way overpriced.

  11. Such an amazing idea! It looks fantastic. Megan


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