Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Decorating the Mantel for Fall

There's no getting around it.  We have a big 55 inch TV over the mantel.  Everyone is decorating their mantels for fall and there are some gorgeous pictures out there in blogland.  I am quite envious. My hubby, the commodore, is proud that he was able to mount this monstrosity over the fireplace. Actually, there is no where else it could go in our open spaced great room. At least not that size. So I'm stuck with having to place objects beside, under and on the floor in order to achieve some decor. 

                           I hope everything doesn't look too crowded on top.




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  1. Gail it's so gorgeous I wouldn't even notice the TV until ya mentioned it...for real gurl your mantel is beautiful.

  2. Too crowded? Are you serious?
    This ought to be in a magazine for people who have to design around a humongous TV and totally pull it off.
    The colours are beautiful, the accessories classy and I love that cloudlike fabric! And no, I am not just saying this because I love you, either. I really, really like it, something I'd love in my house if there were no cats to destroy it in minutes.
    I think the tidbits on the floor really brig it all together. Germans say "to make a virtue out of necessity or need", and, girl,I'll be darned if this is not a textbook example.

  3. Your mantel is so pretty, I especially like the leaves edged in glitter! I'm visiting by way of Kristen's Creations.


  4. All I can say is that you are not alone, I have a 46" beast hanging above my mantle and I have to decorate the exact same way. I've even hesitated to post my fall mantle pictures because of the tv, but now after seeing your lovely mantle I believe it will be okay. Thanks for sharing I love all the pumpkins and especially the candles.

  5. All your diy items are awesome! I believe you have one of the most creative minds I have ever seen. It doesn't hurt that I love purple.


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