Monday, September 10, 2012


You know how you are when you see something and decide, "Oh, I'm going to make this", and then it gets tucked away in the back of your mind?  This is about making one of "those". I first saw the Anthropologies’ knickknack candlesticks online a couple of months ago.  They were quite interesting and unique.  I really got excited about recreating this item thinking it would be relatively easy to do.  The only problem I had was not having enough knickknacks to use. I got rid of a lot of them when I moved, but I did keep a few pieces that had sentimental meanings.  I ventured out to a couple of Goodwill centers located nearby, but couldn’t find anything reasonably priced.   I don't know if it's the area I live in (about 50 miles outside of D.C.) or what, but two dollars and fifty cents was about the lowest price I saw on most of the small items.  I discovered a little shop run by volunteers for hospice near me and its’ prices were more in line with what I was willing to spend – 50 cents to a dollar.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to choose from that day except for some brass candle holders.  I did, however, pick up small Halloween items I’ll use for another project.  I do plan on returning to the hospice shop from time to time in order to support such a great cause.   I was also able to get a few knickknacks from a dear friend who was in the process of “decluttering”.

Anthropologie Knickknack
Anthropologie had several designs to choose from - none were identical.  What was so amazing about the knickknack candlesticks was the price of $398.00!!!
More Anthropologie Knickknacks

While cute, I don't think the item warrants such a huge price tag.  Especially if they can be relatively easy to reproduced. Anthropologie describes this as "an assortment of found knickknacks - including  . . porcelain  and filigreed tin - stack tall to form Primitive Twig's taper holder. The decorative elements vary from piece to piece; no two are alike." 

The key word here is "FOUND" knickknacks!
  • Antique porcelain, tin, glass
  • Wipe with dry cloth
  • 21"H, 4" diameter
  • USA
I am not going into a step by step detail on how I put mine together.  After collecting the knickknacks, it was like putting a piece of a puzzle together, seeing which fit better with what.

 At first, I used a lot of glass items that I had acquired.  Using "amazing Goop," I became impatient with the drying time and hold.  It was taking too long.  I would "build" the candlestick, adding piece by piece, but with the goop, drying time was at least overnight or longer and I couldn't secure  everything together.   Eventually the items began to fall apart or move.

I didn't want to use my glue gun because I felt the hold would not be permanent. So I got out my little tubes of super glue gel and that worked perfectly. Instant adhesion after a minute or so.
 Marble elephants on top of wooden base, brass candlestick holder
Russian lady and tiny porcelain vase
Asian cup, tealight burner, brass bell base
Mother-in-law's vase , candle holder, brass napkin ring

Candlestick holders (Hospice Store)
White vase (Dollar Store)
                                                             "Knickknack Candlestick"
  • Marble, brass, porcelain, glass
  • USA
  • Under $5.00, but really priceless!


This knickknack candlestick turned out amazing. It has a nice flow to it, and you can use it in any decorating scheme!  Are you thinking about how you can make one?




  1. Great way to recycle and de-clutter the home. What about old Xmas ornaments for the candle sticks? Do you think that would work?

    1. Yes! That's a great idea! I'm thinking about making one for Halloween. I picked up a few knickknacks for that, but I'm not into Halloween decorating. We don't get kids in the neighborhood and I don't have any grandchildren, either. We'll see. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love these - and love the idea of making them holiday themed - I can see Christmas ornaments being put to good use.

  3. Oh, Gail, how perfectly unique. I have never seen Anthropologie catalogs or stores, but know they have very expensive items. I think I like yours much better. It look great on the mantel. I think I just might make one unless you decide to send all of your blogger friends one :>)

    I am not so patient with glue so you obviously are.

    Distressed Donna Down home

    P.S. Now I will be looking everywhere for tiny things!

  4. Your knock-off version reminds me of a Sundance Channel series on Anthropologie. They'd show buyers scouring the world for unique (and dirt-cheap) items that cost a pretty penny at the Anthropologie Stores. We can get the look without going that far and paying that much.

  5. You can make these and put them in your garden for garden decor too. I didn't think about doing it as a candle holder. Cute!

  6. I have seen the anthropology sticks before and wanted to try making some myself. One of the many things I haven't gotten around too. :-) I like yours better than the anthropology ones. Thanks for sharing at the Creative Craft Challenge.

    Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

  7. Hi Gail. Your candle stick is amazing. And it looks easy enough for me to do to. It's just a matter of finding objects that will flow nicely together. Thanks for sharing at the Creative Craft Challenge.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us at the Creative Craft Challenge, Gail. Your amazing creation is featured and we are so excited to have you link up your amazing ideas!


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