Monday, September 24, 2012

Knock Off Challenge

Sunny from Life in Rehab and Steff at Lisbonlioness once again has challenged all to a Glitzy Hack-Off based on Fall items from the Z Gallerie.  I love getting inspired this way since I can't seem to come up with an original idea. The items posted are quite unique, as usual.  But sometimes it's almost impossible for a store to carry something completely their own as in the case of the "Beaded Pumpkin Ornament". I recreated this a little while ago from one I saw at Pier1 here
Except, not in the same color.



Or this one here
In my favorite color .   .   .    .

                                         I added the curly stems  .   .   .silly!
Not exactly, but variations.

But then, I was tempted with this       Don't know why this is with the Fall stuff???

 A Poinsettia napkin ring decorated in glitter and sparking beads  $40.00

Here goes  .   .   .   .

I took three artificial leaves .   .   .

 and painted them white .  .   .
 Cut leaf patterns out of ribbon and glued on stems .   .   .   .
 Added silver glitter to the leaves and wired clear and glitter balls together


Ta Da  .   .   .   .    My Z Gallerie Knock-Off for absolutely nothing, nada, zilch!

In just flowers,  it's too early for poinsettias!

Oops, I've made this before, only for Autumn .  .   . here

Well, it is Fall, and it is a Knock-Off!



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  1. Gack... I never saw this one yesterday! I LOVE your hack. It's got "Gail" written all over it! Totally you, whimsical and elegant.
    Thanks so much for playing along again, you are the bestestest!


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