Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crystal Bead Swirl Christmas Ornament

Can't get enough of Christmas in July?  Here's my take on making a cute Crystal Bead Swirl Christmas Ornament:

                                           You will need:
                             72 - 8mm faceted clear beads             
                             18 - 18mm global faceted clear beads
                               7 - silver metallic chenille cleaners
                                    wire cutters

  1.  Cut two(2), three inch pieces of pipe cleaner stem.  Twist tie six of the pipe cleaner stems together, approximately two inches from the top, wrapping the ends around.                           

 2.  Feed six,  8mm beads onto each of the six stems, then three, 18mm global beads, and six more, 8mm beads, for a total of fifteen beads on each stem.

                                            Do this for the remaining five stems.

 3.  Twist-tie the top stems together to form a loop.

4.  Once all the stems have been filled with beads, make sure they are evenly spaced and twist-tie (secure) all six stems at the bottom with another three inch piece pipe cleaner stem, wrapping it completely around them.

 Cut off all but a half inch of the stem ends, twisting them together.
5.  Holding the ornament securely at the top and bottom, twist the entire ornament.  It will hold in place.

                                        Love that swirl pattern!

The large crystal beaded ornaments reflect light. They're like glistening baubles!    
                                                               (please excuse the threads holding the ornament up)
    This was easy to make and turned out really great.                                                                                                                            
                              Have fun making your own and enjoy!




  1. Oh that's really bright and sparkly! I like the way the silver shines through the crystal! Nice job!

    1. Thanks, Danni. I wanted to do something different. I really appreciate all the help you provided. I think I finally fixed things.

  2. Good idea! This looks great!

  3. Gail - I followed you back over from your comment, but realized I have been watching you all during the Hack-Off. I thought your shell picnic cover was clever. I love this sparkly bauble. I could use it on something I am working on now. Thanks for visiting!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  4. This is such a Wow ornament! I hope your will share your tutorial on TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS. Linky goes live at StoneGable Wednesday at 8:00 pm!

  5. I am so glad you joined in TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS! This ornament is just beautiful!

  6. So pretty Gail. You have a gift.:)

  7. This is so creative! I never knew clear beads and silver would actually blend well. But with your artistic mind, you nailed it. Great job!

  8. I think it is not only nice in Christmas, it's also great on every occasion!


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