Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sea Shell Candle Holder

I am having so much fun trying to re-create some of the fabulous items pictured by Sunny from the Z Gallerie. You know that area when you walk into the front of Target that has the baskets of items usually three dollars and under?  Most of the time I just walk past thinking of what I need to be getting.  The other day something in my ear said "take a look at what's here!"  There, I found the cutest ceramic candle holders for just $2.50. A couple of black ones, lime green, yellow and off white.  A light bulb went off and I thought of the picture of the sea shell laden candle holder at the Z Gallerie.

Although the candle holder from Target appeared much smaller and not quite as detailed, I could definitely
 work with it.

 I found a couple of bags of pretty seashells at Michaels for $1.99 - plus I could use my coupon for 40% off.  Not a bad deal at all!!!

 The fun part was gluing the shells on with a glue gun. It was just like fitting the pieces of a "puzzle". Moving the shells around for the best coverage and appearance.

Do you like this angle?

                                            Or this one?

 I know the original holder is completely off-white, but I like to see the beautiful "markings and colors" of the sea shells and chose not to spray paint.  Besides, it's been raining all day  .   .   .   . a good excuse not to do it!

                                               I'm liking this!

Thanks Lisbonlioness and Sunny for allowing me to "play"!!!



  1. HI! We are buidig our home in a 55+ development in Avondale, Pa. Love your candle holder. I love shells too.

    1. Thanks,Pinky! Moving after so many years in a home you love is scary and exciting at the same time. You're going to have a blast in decorating your new home! Just remember you don't have to do it all at once! Enjoy!

  2. Oh how marvelous! This is one of my projects too and I think I like yours better!! Total score on the candle sticks too! Nice job!

  3. Your version is way prettier than the Z candlestick. It looks a lot more organic and natural and not just like any old candlestick with shells. Brilliant!


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