Wednesday, November 23, 2022

DIY 3D Decoupage Poinsettia Ornament


We all know that decorating our Christmas trees is one of the best parts of the holiday season, and creating homemade ornaments certainly adds a personal touch to it all! So it's definitely fun when we discover unique ways to make our tree ornaments. Today, I'm joining a group of creative bloggers sharing their ideas on making gorgeous Christmas ornaments. A big "Thank You" to our host, Shae from Sweet Southern Grace for hosting this awesome blog hop! 

Recently, I was having a Let's Get Crafty class on making 3D decoupage flower napkins on glass and thought it would be fun to make Christmas ornaments using the same technique. And one of the participants offered her poinsettia napkins for me to use on the ornament. Isn't this napkin pretty! Can you visualize it on an ornament? I can, but not in the usual front placement! Although that would be lovely, too! I want to place the 3D poinsettia around the opening of the ornament and have it flaring out from the top. After all, flowers are usually upright, lol! 

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So let's begin .  .  .
Supplies Needed:
  • Poinsettia napkins (2)
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic film sheets 
  • Matte Mod Podge/paint brush/pencil
  • Parchment paper/self healing cutting board
  • Small towel
  • Candle w/flame
  • Embossing tool/Pad (foam) 
  • Glass/plastic ornament 
  • Hot glue glue/glue sticks
  • Small beads for stamin
How to:
First, open the napkin to reveal the four poinsettia flowers. 
Separate the two ply plain sheets from the flower printed ply by lightly touching a bit of Mod Podge with forefinger and thumb. Then gently tap the edge of the napkin to separate the layers. This napkin is a two ply with just one plain sheet and one printed sheet.
Next, paint on an even layer of Mod Podge to clear plastic film and .  .  .
 lay the flower design face down onto the painted on Mod Podge clear plastic sheet. 
Then turn the plastic sheet with the napkin over on top of the cutting mat and begin smoothing out the napkin through the clear plastic sheet using a towel and let dry completely for a few hours. Once dry, apply a second on the napkin and let dry completely for a few hours or overnight.
Once the napkin is completely dry, begin cutting out the individual flowers,
 making small cuts along the flower petal design toward the center to help shape it.

Using a pencil, draw around the flower center against the opening of the ornament,
and cut out.

Place the poinsettia opening over the ornament opening .  .  .
and check for fit.
Then warm the petals with the flame of the candle - being careful not to get them too close. 
Then try out how they will look on the ornament.
When the flower design is heated .  .  .
 it will magically curl and can be shaped into dimensional flowers using an embossing tool and foam pad to shape the flower.
Don't these look lovely!
 Begin layering the heated and embossed flowers on top of each other .  .  .
to achieve the 3D dimensional effect.
Once satisfied with petal placement add small beads around the center to mimic stamen.
I'm loving how this ornament turned out, and hope you do to!

Be sure to check out the amazing ornaments from all the creative bloggers below!


  1. Good Morning Gail! I love the tradition of including Poinsettias in my Christmas decorating. This is such a beautiful ornament and a fabulous method to include the poinsettia on the Christmas Tree!

  2. I love Poinsettias. Your ornament turned out beautiful!

  3. I love this clever idea - What a great gift this would be! Thanks, Gail, for this idea!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lirtea - Lola! It's great hearing from you. Do you know I can't get on your site anymore - every time I try, it says "dangerous webpage." Why is that? I know you site isn't dangerous! Do you know a way around that?

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