Wednesday, November 16, 2022

No-Sew Ribbon Wine GiftBag

Do you know what the favorite last minute gift giving of all time is? A bottle of wine! Gotcha! This is just my opinion, lol! But if you're into giving a bottle of wine, and so many are, why not make your own gift bags to keep on hand, just in case you need one at the last minute! You know a handcrafted wine giftbag offers a personal touch to gift giving and makes giving a bottle of wine that more special! And the best part, once you know how to make this lovely no-sew wine giftbag you'll be making them throughout the year using any type of four inch wide decorative ribbon! Giving wine is a lovely idea anytime of the year!

Gift wrapping a bottle can be a bit of a challenge, but this giftbag is a pretty simple design that comes together in no time! And using decorative wired ribbon that's at least four inches wide helps give the bag a designer look! 
What You Need:
Wired Ribbon - 4" wide
Fabri-Tac fabric glue

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Begin by cutting one strip of 4"wide wired ribbon, 29" long and two strips, 12 1/2" long.
Next, line up the longer strip with one of the shorter strips. Fold over (1/4") the tops edges on each one and glue down. Fold over and glue down the other two top edges, making sure the lengths are even.
Then begin adding glue to one edge of the shorter strip and then to the longer strip, stopping where the shorter strip ends and .  .  .
pressing edges together to bond. Let dry.
Once that side has bonded together, continue adding glue to the next side of the short strip edge to the longer strip edge and bond together. 
Make sure to add glue in the corners and press firmly together. Continue to the third side, moving around the short strip, adding glue to its' edge and then the long strip edge, to bond the two pieces together.
Be sure to go around all three sides, pressing together, making sure all the edges are glued together, especially in the corners. Add additional glue if needed.
Repeat the steps to glue on the last strip, starting at the top side edge and then the bottom and finally the side to connect all the edges - pressing the edges together.

To make the handles, cut two strips of ribbon, the width should be the size of one ribbon square and 8" long. Lay out on work surface.  Cut two decorative cording 12" long. Lay ends of one cord on top of one ribbon strip in a horseshoe shape. Add glue along strip and under cord ends. 

Fold ribbon strip over cord ends, matching edges and pressing together.
Clamp cords, strips together until dry. Repeat for second handle.
Once the handle strips are dry, add glue to the back of the strip and attach each one to inside top of bag.  Clamp in place and let dry!
I love how this looks. Can't you imagine making them in different ribbon designs!
And finally, add a bow made out of the ribbon scraps for a classy decorative look!
How cool is this!

For added strength, cover a 4" square cardboard in matching ribbon to add to the bottom of the bag.

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  1. Gail, you are such a creative soul and all of your projects are top-notch too! Such a great idea!

  2. What a clever use of wide ribbon! I'm afraid I'd probably have to wizz this on the sewing machine instead of glueing (I just can't help myself!) but I can see this being a REALLY quick project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. My kind of project - no sew! Thank you

  4. What a fantastic idea! The no-sew wine giftbag is both practical and elegant, adding a personal touch to last-minute gifts. The choice of decorative wired ribbon is brilliant for a designer look. The simplicity of the design paired with Fabri-Tac fabric glue makes it a quick and stylish solution for any occasion. Cheers to thoughtful and creative gift-giving!
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