Thursday, October 22, 2020

Shrinky Dinks Decor

For this month's Creative Craft Blog Hop, I'm sharing how I've updated the fun and popular Shrinky Dinks plastics into fabulous items to use in home decor.
Were you a fan of shrinky dinks as a kid. I missed all of that, but now, I am truly amazed at what you can do with shrinky dinks or shrink plastics or film these days - especially in terms of creating small items for home decor. I had to go back and read up on playing working with shrink plastics. 

It seems like it's popularity is on the rise again, and in ways you won't believe! But I think it never really went away. Adults seem to like playing with it, too! Several years ago, the Shrinky Dinks company started making blank sheets of the plastic paper, opening up a door for all sorts of artists! It's mind boggling to think shrinky dinks has been used in stem cell research and in art therapy, too. Did you know that in 2014, a team from Harvard University and MIT used Shrinky Dinks to create self-assembling robots? How cool does that sound!  
I thought it would be so cool to make napkin rings or a small dish - just by printing out a design on inkjet plastic sheets and then heating it to shrink to the perfect size. That sounds so easy, doesn't it!

You can transform any image or make your own into a hardened piece of plastic creating unusual items. I had fun making designs for napkin rings, including the actual rings to hold the napkins. Plain napkin rings can be unbelievably expensive. But making you own can really come in handy for home tablescapes, celebrations and gift giving! Plus creating an adorable small floral dish that can be used for jewelry and what-nots, how could I resist?

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Materials Used:
  • Shrink Film for Inkjet Printers (clear)
  • Designs (online or make your own)                                                                                      Inkjet Printer
  • Scissors
  • Oven (regular/toaster)
  • Baking Pan
  • Parchment Paper
  • Glass (opening)/oven mitts
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Rolling pin/tube
  • DAP RapidFuse (quick grab multi-purpose glue) 
Let's begin by finding a free design online that you like. Keep in mind that the colors will deepen when heated. Next, copy and enlarge the design to fill the entire page of printer paper. The finished piece with be 20-30% of the original size so allow for shrinkage. Then print out on clear inkjet shrink film .  .  .
 using an inkjet printer. Allow the ink to dry before picking it up.
Next, cut out the shape before baking. Try to make sure you round off the edges - you don't want to have any sharp edges for the finish piece.

Following the directions for the shrink film, preheat the oven 300-350F.  Place a sheet of parchment paper on a baking pan and then place the cut-out design in the center of the sheet. 
Place another sheet of parchment paper on top of the design to help keep the plastic from curling or sticking to itself.
Bake for about 2-3 minutes. If you do find your design curling anyway, you can continue heating or re-heat and it will flatten out. Ask me how I know this.
Once the design has shrunk, quickly remove it from between the parchment paper using an oven mitt and .  .  .
place the plastic on top of a glass opening .  .  . 
pushing it down to give it a bit of a curved shape.  
How awesome does this look?
To make the ring, cut a two inch strip from the 11" length side of the shrink film using a paper trimmer. Round off the end edges using a water bottle cap.

Bake the plastic strip in-between parchment paper, as before, for 1-3 minutes. Remove wearing oven mitts and immediately wrap the plastic around a small round object like a dollar store rolling pin. It's the perfect diameter for napkin rings.

I can think of so many ways just to use plain napkin rings like this!
Attach the napkin ring to the back of the design using a permanent quick grab and drying glue like RapidFuse.

I found a pretty purple flower design online to make a small dish for my bathroom. Following the same directions, as before.
How pretty is this!
Perfect to hold my ring or what-nots!

Welcome to our monthly Creative Craft Blog Hop created by Chloe @ Celebrate & Decorate and Andrea @ Design Morsels!  I've teamed up with a talented group of creative bloggers to bring you lots of wonderful ideas and inspirations! 
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  1. WOW!!! I didn't know there was printable shrinky dink paper-- and all of yours turned out so lovely! I pinned all 3 of them! The dish is sooo colorful. I love how everything you do is purple.

  2. Adorable and genius Gail! Who knew (besides you ;) that there was ink jet shrink wrap film?!! Thanks for sharing and happy to hop with you today. ♥

    1. Thanks, Mary! I really discovered it by accident on Amazon and looked into it. I was too old when it was invented and my son was in to other things. It's a fun way to create lots of items.

  3. Gail, I never knew about shrinky dinks, or how they were used in research. Your creations turned out beautifully. Pinned!

  4. Wow Gail! I've not heard of Shrinky Dinks, but oh the possibilities! Your creations are beautiful, and making your own napkin rings is really brilliant! So so cute, thank you so much for the information and great tutorial! Fabulous!!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! I think women of a certain age missed out back then when shrinky dinks were created. And I'm included in that group. I had to look it up, lol! It's really a fun craft to make!

  5. Wow Gail; this is such a fun project. I love watching Shrinky Dinks bake in the oven; these turned out awesome.

    1. Thanks, Sara! I really just discovered them and now love what you can do with the shrink plastic! So many possibilities!

  6. Gail those napkin rings are beautiful. I never tried doing this technique, will have to.

    1. Thanks, Terrie! I know you will enjoy it once you try it!

  7. Shrinky dinks are so much fun - great childhood memories! This is so very cute friend, love it! Thanks for sharing and wonderful hopping with you.

  8. These are outstanding and do pretty. Not the kind of Shrinky Dinks we grew up with.

    Just beautiful!


  9. Wow, what a unique and clever craft with fabulous results Gail! I only vaguely recall Shrinky Dinks --- thanks for the refresh and tutorial. You are so right about napkin rings being pricey and this is a great alternative to make your own.

  10. Good Morning Gail!
    These are nothing like the shrinky dinks that my kids crafted. Wow! These are beautiful! You are a gal after my own heart with the love of flowers and transforming them into napkin rings is amazing. So lovely.
    Great to hop with you!

  11. Oh my gosh, this brings back memories from my childhood! I love that they're being used by adult crafters today. Your napkin holders and ring holder are so pretty! Thanks for reacquainting us with this crafting medium. It was fun crafting with you :)

  12. wow I've never seen anything like this. And I've never heard of shrinky dink. I'm going to have to look that up. The purple ring holder is so beautiful and I love that it's one of a kind. Thanks for joining the hop. You are a real artist and I love to see what you share.

  13. Somehow, I’ve missed shrink dinks all my life. Thank you for bringing me in the loop. Definitely a DIY project to consider.

  14. I haven't mad shrinky-dinks in I have to search for my supplies. I'm pretty sure they're around here somewhere!

  15. These are so darn cute! I never thought of using shrinky dinks for something like this! You are so creative!!

  16. I love this shrinky dink craft! I especially like the flower that looks like a daisy. I loved doing shrinky dinks with my kids and now I want to make some napkin rings! (I thought it was so clever how you made the one for a dish cur up!)

    I'm going to feature this at our Party in Your PJs tonight on my Grandma Ideas site. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea!

  17. I've never used shrinky dinks before, but these are such pretty flowers! So neat to see them turned into napkin rings.


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