Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Stylish Storage Containers Using Paper

Welcome to the first Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop of 2020 hosted by Erlene @ My Pinterventures.  If you aren't familiar with the Pinterest Challenge, it's a monthly event that challenges us to not just be pin hoarders, but to make it happen by creating a few!

 This month's challenge is about organization and storage.  I was quite hesitant to join this month.  I'm so sorry to be saying this, but every new year, it's the same old, same old:  "the new year represents opportunities to get organized and storage solutions!" Why now? I am not motivated to do much in the cold weather especially since I have no extra space (we downsized a few years ago) to build, paint or even rearrange things. I like it when it's warm so I can take stuff outside and do my thing! And it's not a good time for me to sort through things either. We just got finished with Christmas - sorting and rearranging- throwing things out! Whew! I'm already worn out! That's why I was drawn to this pin! So simple and easy!

It's a super easy organization and storage idea using recycle glass jars and decorative papers to create lovely storage solutions anywhere in your home! And the best part, you can change things up by simply replacing the paper! Now, how easy is that! 

Stylish Storage Containers Using Paper Materials:
Recycle glass jars
Decorative Papers
Measuring tape
Scissors/paper cutter 

Here's how:
  • Clean and remove the labels from recycle glass jars making sure there is no sticky residue. I like to use acetone (nail polish remover) for this. I guess you figured out I like pickles, huh?
  • Measure the height of the jar where you want the paper to stop. Consider any curves in the glass when measuring - that can affect how the paper sits in the container.
  • Cut paper out.
  • Roll-up paper and insert into jar.
  • Now cut out more decorative papers to line those empty jars!
  • And then fill those jars with like items!
Now, how easy is that! It's so embarrassingly simple! And if you get tired of the colors and design, just switch out the paper! How about that!


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  1. Such cute jars Gail. Everyone have jars...lol so many choices for pretty paper as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know! I think all crafters save their jars! Every time we empty one, hubby asks if I'm saving it! Well, of course! Lol!

  2. What a neat thing to do. I have seen many paint the inside or outside of the jars but your way is so neat because you can change the look easily. Great share!

    1. Thanks, Terrie! You don't know how silly I felt making these. They were too easy!

  3. Such a simple and beautiful transformation. Pinned.

  4. Oh my gosh we eat so many pickles! Now I know what to do with the jars. Yours are so adorable :-)

  5. I have some of that pretty purple paper. Great idea to reuse glass jars and what pretty storage you have now.

  6. Muy bonitos y alegres. Los botes son siempre muy agradecidos.

  7. Jars make such great caddies and dressing them up as you did is a great idea!

  8. I like recycled crafts, especially useful ones. I use jars for so many things!

  9. I love the colors and patterns you chose. It would put me in a better mood just being able to look at them each day!

  10. Your storage jars are so pretty! I love the papers you used.

  11. I hear you, but I'm glad you joined :-) Organizing doesn't have to be complicated and can be done with a simple project.

  12. This is a great way to color coordinate with your space for little to no money, love it!


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