Thursday, January 30, 2020

How to Make a Wrapping Paper Heart

Thinking of a different approach to the more traditional colors of Valentines?  Forget the reds and pinks! Surprise yourself and make something new and refreshing that will still provide the loving and enticing atmosphere of Valentine's Day!  Think  metallics!  You can make a big impact by using recycle/upcycle materials like gift wrapping in bold metallic colors - that's sure to add a variety of texture and uniqueness to your valentine decorating skills!  And this heart is so easy to make, you probably already have the materials on hand: 
  • Metallic wrapping paper - 13ft
  • Thick wire (craft 12 gauge aluminum) or just use a wire coat hanger
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors
  • Skewer stick
  • Tacky glue
  • Clamp
1.  Cut off enough wire for the size of heart you want (14"x12"), bringing the ends together, curving the wire into a heart shape.

To make the tubes (about 50 for this size), I cut 3" strips of 27.5" wide wrapping paper and placed a skewer stick on the corner edge of paper at an angle. Then wrapped the end tip of the paper over the skewer and started rolling the paper with fingers pressed down on the table first.  Once you've started rolling the paper, lift up the tube so your left fingers are controlling the roll while your right hand is rolling the stick and tightening the tube.
  Just before finishing the roll, add tacky glue to the corner end tip and continue rolling until reaching the end to seal.

Temporarily straighten the heart shaped wire into a "V" to insert two tubes on either side  .  .  .

and then re-shape into a heart.  Glue the ends together at the center curve, and glue on another tube, as pictured.

Begin wrapping the tube around the heart  .  .  .

adding on additional tubes by dipping end into a little glue and inserting into the wrapping tube to make it continuous. You can clamp the tubes together while waiting for the glue to dry and continue wrapping.

As you're wrapping the tubes around the heart go back and forth -  and not in the same direction - until you're satisfied with the look and size.  The end of the last wrapped tube can be glued and inserted down among the other tubes. 

Valentine's Day décor can be as unique and non-traditional as you want it to be. Just be sure to create it lovingly! Isn't that what makes it so special?
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and take a little time to enjoy,
Happy Crafting!


  1. You are so creative and talented Gail. I love this heart you made and perfect for Valentine's Day.

    1. Thanks, Julie! It certainly is different from the usual Valentine's Day projects!

  2. Very clever Valentine heart idea, Gail! I saw it over at the Snickerdoodle party and pressed the link to take a closer look. I was shocked to see that it was your project, not being purple. LOL You always come up with the best craft ideas.

    1. Thanks so much Marie! I probably didn't have enough wrapping paper in a purple design to make this! Lol! Thanks for stopping by- it's always great hearing from you!

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