Monday, January 20, 2020

Packing Tape Transfer Winter Scene

Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C'mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Everyone is allowed a $10 allowance for necessities to complete their project (i.e. paint brushes, glue, etc), but the bulk of it must be created from their own stash of goodies.

Winter theme crafts are always popular just after Christmas and I've always wanted to try a packing tape transfer, so I combined the two, plus I used hot glue in silicone molds to create a 3D effect for the scene. And the best part, I had everything in my stash!

Let's start by finding an image you like and size it to the width of the packing tape to print out using a laser printer. Using an inkjet will not work. The ink will run.

Next, cut a piece of packing tape to the desired length and place sticky side up on work surface. Then lay the image face down on top of the tape, smoothing it out.  I know this sounds backwards, but I tried several times to roll the tape out on the image but I could not do it without getting a wrinkle in the tape. And once you get a wrinkle there is no way to get it out. So I came up with placing the image on top of the tape and it worked without getting any wrinkles!

Next, cut the taped image out.
 Then burnish the tape over the image with the back of a spoon. Rubbing the image and edges over and over to make sure the tape and paper are stuck together with no gaps.

Next, soak the taped image in a bowl of warm water for at least five minutes or longer to soften the paper.

Once the paper is soft, begin rubbing the paper off with the tips of your fingers (do not use your fingernails to scrap the paper off - you will see the scratches)  I like to keep the paper in the water to rub the paper off. It seems much easier to remove the backing.
Once the paper is removed, pour the water out using a strainer to catch the paper bits and pieces. You don't want that going down your drain.
Lay the image sticky side up on a paper towel to dry.
While the image is drying, fill the deer and tree molds with hot glue.

Once the taped scene is dry it becomes sticky again and can now be placed on the glass container just like a sticker.

Remove the deer and tree from the molds and glue on top of the tape image for a 3D effect.
I rubbed on a bit of stain to the deer and tree for the perfect look! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Debbie! It gives off a nice feel for these chilly days!

  2. Very pretty! Such a great idea to add the deer and tree for a 3d effect! This is such a cool project I can't wait to give this one a try!

    1. Thanks Roseann! The designs are endless, so do have fun!

  3. Your winter scene is so pretty Gail and perfect for January decorating.

  4. I love how crafty this is! The hot glue molds is a stroke of genius IMO. I have never done a packing tape transfer, so thanks for the brilliant tips!

  5. How pretty, Gail! I love the deer made from hot glue! Great tips for using this transfer method.

  6. Ohhhhh que trabajo tan bonito ,espectacular !!!! eres una artista.

  7. Such a great idea, and it turned out lovely! I really like the tree and the deer.

  8. Oh, Gail, this is SO beautiful! The image you selected is perfect for winter. I had no idea how easy (at least, you make it look easy) this is! I will be trying this for sure!!

  9. This technique of transferring an image is totally new to me! Thanks for sharing how to do it.

  10. This is so pretty Gail. You make everything seem so easy. I am happy to feature your pretty winter scene at Love Your Creativity.

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