Monday, November 18, 2019

Pine Cone Acorn Ornament DIY

The holiday crafting season is on!  And if you're like me, there are so many projects you have in mind to create!  And the best part is when you don't have to run out and buy the materials you need to make them! That's why I love joining the Craft Room De-Stash Challenge each month - to be inspired to use what I already have in my stash!  

 Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Everyone is allowed a $10 allowance for necessities to complete their project (i.e. paint brushes, glue, etc), but the bulk of it must be created from their own stash of goodies.

For this challenge, I'm making an Acorn Ornament using a paper mache egg, twisted cord trim, pine cones, hot glue, mod podge and glitter. All found in my stash! So it costs me absolutely nothing to make! And I really like that!!!!
Let's start by wrapping the 5 inch paper mache egg with trim that I got a few years ago but never used.   First, place a dab of hot glue on the center end of the narrow portion of the egg and begin rolling the trim together as tight as possible in a coil on top of the glue. Do not cut the trim off the roll until finished wrapping.
Continue wrapping the trim around the egg, adding a dab of glue to secure trim as you wrap .  .  .

until the egg is just about covered with trim.  To finish, place a dab of glue in the center and coil trim as tight as possible like in the beginning, cutting off excess trim and securing in place in the middle.
Next, it's time to remove the individual scales from the pine cones. I've done quite a few projects using pine cones, and still had plenty left over in my stash.  But, I must say the store bought pine cones seem to be the best for removing scales. They don't crumble and split like the ones found on the ground. And the easiest way for me to remove the scales was to start at the base of the cone.  Here the first few rows of scales are easily removed with your fingers.  They come off rather quickly. Once you've gotten these off,  the larger ones might be a bit more difficult and you will need something like the flat head of a large screwdriver to pry them off.
Once you've removed about 75 or more scales from pine cones - depending on the size of the egg, begin cutting off the tips to make all of them somewhat even in size.
Then pick a spot on the trim wrapped egg to start placing the scales (to look like an acorn.) Begin with the larger pieces and hot glue them on in a row around the egg.
Once the first row is finished, stagger the placement of the pine cone scales for the second row, overlapping the first row and so forth.
Continue gluing on the scales, staggering and overlapping each row .  .  .
as you move toward the top.

And then begin using smaller scales closer to reaching the top.
Just before closing the top with pine cone scales, make a hanging loop out of the trim by folding a strip together and knot. Then hot glue to center. Glue on additional scales to close. 

For a decorative effect, paint Mod Podge on the scales and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry and brush off excess loose glitter. 

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Every month, a group of bloggers challenge each other to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash! #CraftRoomDestashChallenge   Let's meet this month's bloggers!!


  1. This is too cute Gail! It certainly would look great with rustic decor!

  2. This is lovely, Gail. Your projects are always so well done!

  3. I absoluetely love that braided rope! I have a big old bag of pine cones but I couldn't think of anything to do with them! Love this!


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