Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hot Glue Mold Ornament

Welcome to the November Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop hosted by Erlene @ My Pinterventures.  If you aren't familiar with the Pinterest Challenge, it's a monthly event that challenges us to not just be pin hoarders, but to make it happen by creating a few! 

My project was inspired by this one - using clay in molds for decorative ornaments. The only problem, it didn't work for me when I tried it. I was all pumped up to make ornaments using clay I already had on hand to make decorative trim on ornaments.   I had nearly a tub full of air drying clay, and this post stated that just about any type of clay would work. Although paper clay was used, I should have noted that she did say there might be cracks when removing the clay from the molds - and that she liked the look the cracks gave! Well, not me! When I tried taking the clay out of my molds, that's what the clay did - crack! And I couldn't make them look decent, either. No matter what I tried. So I had to come up with another plan. Using hot glue in the molds! 

Materials Used:
Cake Border Silicone Mold
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Glass Ornament (square shape ACMoore)
Small scissors
Buffalo paper (online image)
Mod Podge/ brush
Washi tape
1/4" Ribbon

I knew hot glue would work and conform to just about any type of mold and with no cracking, either!  Problem solved! So, if you have a glue gun that takes regular size sticks, I would recommend using that. It takes less time to fill up the mold and you probably won't go through as many glue sticks, either. 


Begin with placing the tip of the glue gun as far into the mold as possible when filling with hot glue. The glue will settle in the bottom and you can direct the nozzle in spots you might have missed.

 It usually takes only a few minutes for the hot glue to set, but I would wait until the hot glue cools off completely. There might be a few spots where the glue is still warm and tacky.
 Once the glue is cool, the design can easily be removed from the mold.
 Then use small scissors to remove any excess glue or strings.  
Since buffalo check plaid remains trendy, I found a free black and white check pattern online and added the words "Merry Christmas" to copy and print out on  using my laser printer.
 and then applied it to the back of the ornament (reversible) using Mod Podge, 
 and smoothing it out with plastic wrap.

 Since I could barely see "Merry Christmas," I added another piece to the middle of the oval trim and glued that to the center of the glass ornament for a 3-D effect!
 To brighten the glue oval frame, painted on Mod Podge and sprinkled glitter on top.
Then let dry for a beautiful sparkling effect!
 Next, wrapped the sides of the glass ornament in matching black & white check washi tape .  .  .
  adding a red bow to complete the look!
How cool is this!
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  1. It turned out so nicely. Love the shape and the glitter is the perfect finishing touch!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  2. That is really neat! I am so sorry the clay kept cracking (that would have drove me nuts too!) but you came up with a really great solution. Pinned.

  3. It is frustrating when a project doesn't work out! I think we've all had our fair share! But I love the ornament you came up with - very pretty and trendy with the buffalo check!

  4. Sometimes the best projects are the ones that have a few kinks along the way! Your ornament is adorable and I love love the black and white check! Pinned :)

  5. Very cute. I never knew an ornament could be made out of glue!

  6. This looks like such a fun project. I've seen things made with hot glue and molds before and always wanted to try it. Pinned.

  7. What a cool idea to use hot glue in the mold, the colored hot glue sticks would be perfect for this (if you wanted color). It's a perfect buffalo check ornament.

  8. Clever solution to the clay problem. Don't think I would have thought of that. Seeing a whole new purpose for hot glue, lol. Cute ornament that anyone could make to fit their Christmas theme.

  9. This is so inventive. I would never have thought of molding hot glue - what a beautiful ornament!

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