Thursday, November 21, 2019

Easy Glitz and Glam Ornaments

This year I seem to be stuck, I mean set on making all kinds of Christmas ornaments! You can never have too many handcrafted ornaments! And I'm so excited to be sharing with you how to make a simple but oh so easy way to add glitz and glam to plain glass ornaments using stick-on rhinestones!

Glass ornaments
Alcohol wipes
Stick-on Rhinestones
Tip of knife (to help with placement)
Liquid hair spray

Lets begin by wiping the glass ornaments with alcohol wipes to remove any grease and grim.
Then, decide on a design to arrange the stick-on rhinestones to the glass ornaments. I made a "collar" of large teardrop rhinestones near the top just by placing them down and around. They are stick-on, so no glue is needed.
and then added smaller tear drop rhinestones .  .  .
cascading down - using the tip of a knife to help with placement of the rhinestones.
See, I told you it was simple and easy!
Another variation for glitz and glam is to add glitter to the interior of the glass ornament.  Pour a small amount of liquid hair spray into the ornament and swish it around, covering the inside. Pour what's left back into the bottle.
Then sprinkle glitter inside, covering the entire ornament.
Turn the ornament upside down into a cup or container to remove excess glitter and to let the insides completely dry.
Once dry, begin decorating outside with stick-on rhinestones!
Simple and easy and oh, so pretty!
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  1. I love both of these, Gail. It's always fun to dress up ornaments like this.

  2. Ooo these are both lovely. I especially like how you've glittered the inside of one. So much less mess if that glitter is contained!

  3. Beautiful creations and so simple. I love that first with the stones the best but both would look wonderful on a tree. They'd make great presents too!

  4. Your ornaments are beautiful! I love those teardrop rhinestones!

  5. Very pretty! These would make great last minute gifts!

  6. I tend to make a lot of ornament crats too; these are so pretty. Pinned.

  7. Wow, Gail, I love both of those ornaments--what a fun craft to make!

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