Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sparkling Heart Shaped Napkin Ring DIY

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It's always fun dressing up your table settings with handmade items for special occasions like Valentine's Day! I came up with an idea to create  a lovely Sparkling Heart-Shaped Napkin Ring made mostly with items from the dollar store. It's really simple to make and a lovely addition to any romantic table d├ęcor! Especially if they're at every place setting! 

These adorable stone heart play rings caught my attention at the Dollar Tree and I immediately knew I wanted to make something using them. 

So, I cut off the ring on the back and smooth the cut edges out using sandpaper  .  .  .

then glued on red crystal rocks I had left over from a Valentine Wreath I made last year. 
The rocks have a lovely pattern to inter-lock!

And was a perfect match to the heart!
To make the napkin ring, you will need red floral wire, and a rolling pin from the dollar store.  And also round nose pliers to curve the wire ends.
Start by wrapping the wire around the end of the rolling pin. The pin is perfect to make the spiral ring shape! It's nice and sturdy and it's so easy to remove the  wire ring when finish.

And be sure to adjust the fit of the wire spirals 
as close together as possible .  .  .

as you wrap!

For a decorative finished look - using round nose pliers .  .  .
 make a small loop on each end .  .  .

and then flair them out!
Next, place the wrapped wire ring back on the rolling pin to straighten and adjust! 

Doesn't this spiraled wire ring look pretty enough to use on its' own? Why yes!

Glue the spiraled wire ring onto back of the heart shape .  .  .

for a lovely sparkling heart-shape napkin ring!

I'm sharing this at the Share Some Love Link Party where I'm co-hosting with several creative bloggers. And the party is all about LOVE!  We invite you to share your Valentine’s Day crafts, decor ideas, party ideas, recipes, and more!

Come join us!  Find lots of inspiration, and spread some love!  


  1. Who would have thought that those cheap plastic heart rings would make such a lovely napkin ring. BEautifully done Gail

  2. Beautiful! Such pretty sparkle and shine. Very Creative

  3. Those are beautiful!! I just love the added curl to the wire to finish them off. Pinned.

  4. I love the vibrant, red color! It never would have occurred to me to fancy up a plastic ring. You are so very clever! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. What a pretty way to add a touch of Valentine's to your table!

  6. These are fantastic. The rocks looks so good with the heart.Nice project. I'll share to Coastal Bohemian on FB

  7. These look great, Gail and what a clever ideas to use the rolling pin to form the ring. I love dollar store crafts.

  8. Gail, I know I sound like a broken record but your creativity never ceases to amaze me. These are really pretty.

  9. love this beautiful idea, I am sure that my grand-daughter would love this as well. Come see us at

  10. These are so pretty Gail and I love that they can be made inexpensively. You always come up with the best craft ideas! Thank you for sharing your DIY napkin rings at the Talk Of The Town Party :)

  11. These napkin rings are adorable. I love the Dollar Tree, and this craft is a reminder of why. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best. You'll be featured!

  12. Gail, You are so creative! So fun for Valentine's day. Those rock gems add just the right frame for the hearts too. Bet they will look fabulous on your Holiday table! Pinning.

  13. So cute! What a great way to use Dollar Store supplies. Pinning!


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