Saturday, January 5, 2019

DIY Lighted Decoupage Winter Scene

Here's a warm and cozy idea to chase away those winter blues and brighten up your home after the holidays!  It's called reverse decoupage using a winter themed napkin and dimensional snowflakes.  It's a great way of customizing a recycle glass bottle for almost any occasion.  With this technique you just decoupage a paper napkin on the back of a bottle, giving off a see-through the glass picture which allows you to use the front and also the back of the bottle to add additional decorative themed items! This is a take-off of one I made for a summer theme.  

Glass Bottle
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Plastic wrap (ziplock bag)
White Chalk paint
Snow-tex paste
Snowflake stencils
Cork Twinkle lights (battery operated)
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Let's get started by cleaning the surface of a clean glass bottle with alcohol to remove grease and any dirt that might have been missed and let dry. 

 Lay the opened napkin print side up on your work surface and place the bottle on top of the design and centering. Next, dip the tip of a paint brush in water and dab around the edges of the bottle until you have completely wet the napkin around the bottle.

Using the tip of your finger, tear out the napkin following around the wet portion.

And then separate the 2-3 ply white paper from the printed side of the napkin.

Coat the back-side of the bottle with Mod Podge using a paint brush. 
Next lay the printed side of napkin, face down on glass bottle, centering napkin and brush out with additional mod podge.
Smooth wrinkles and air bubble on napkin using plastic wrap (I cut up an old ziplock bag for thicker plastic)  

Let dry completely.

Once dry, use sandpaper to remove any rough edges.
To enhance the printed napkin and make it less transparent, paint over the napkin with white chalk paint and let dry.
Apply a second coat of paint and let dry.

Use Snow-Tex to add dimension using snowflake stencils on the front and back. 

Have fun adding snowflakes all over!
It takes a couple of hours for the Snow-Tex to dry.

And finally, insert the cork twinkle lights!

Lovely night-light for those cold wintry evenings!

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  1. What a fun idea to make this winter. Found you on dishing and digging it link party

  2. Wow, I just learnt a whole bunch of stuff reading this Gail. I always struggle mod podging paper napkins. They always seem to tear. Like your idea of using plastic to smooth it out afterwards and painting it with chalk paint to make the picture pop more. It's a really cool idea, love all the dimensions to the bottle

    1. I would love to know how you paint over the napkin with chalk paint and the picture still show through..won't the paint cover the pic when dry?? I'm confused on that part

  3. That is just beautiful Gail. Looks so quick and easy to do too!

  4. Precioso adorno navideño.
    Besos amiga

  5. This really turned out cute:@)

  6. This is so beautiful, Gail, I absolutely �� it! I’ve never heard of cork lights before.

  7. Oo that snow tex stuff looks like so much fun to play with!
    You are so full of great ideas, hints and tips.

  8. Gail, did you make your own snowflake stencil? Your stencil looks like one you just might have cut yourself with an electronic die cut machine.

  9. I agree with unknown on should read paint back of bottle to make image pop.


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