Monday, December 23, 2013

Styrofoam Stak Tree Embellished & A Christmas Wish

I found a original Stak Tree during the end of season clearance last year for a couple of dollars.  So cheap I couldn't past it up. Didn't know what on earth I would do with it but it seemed like a fun project that had unlimited decorative possibilities.  I only know I should have started this project early on.  As stated on the packaging, the Stak Tree is not just for the holidays, but throughout the year depending on how it's decorated.  The tree can become a home accent, used as a centerpiece or anything you can imagine.

Speaking of imagination, since there are so many stacking rings (10) in the stak tree - and it's 18 inches tall, and I have so many shades of purple craft paints, along with some bags of holiday decorative filler, I decided to paint each ring a different purple hue.  And to give the tree a special glittery effect, mix mod podge with filler and add it to some of the Styrofoam ring edges.

How's that for imagination? 
A shades of purple, whimsical, glistening Stax Tree.  My kind of décor!
The mixed filler has to be put on a little bit at a time and allowed to dry before moving on to the next area. This process is done over a few days and can't be rushed.
I just love the glistening effect of the filler stones!


Is this purple overload or what?
Well my crafting for the Big Day has come to an end.   
I've had a blast with my creations . . .
 thank you so much for your support!
When the spirit of the season spreads the magic everywhere
And our thoughts are of the ones we love
and the memories we share
You're wished that the happiest of things will always come your way.
 Have A Very Merry Christmas!


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  1. Merry Christmas that's the prettiest little tree, I love your decor Gail

  2. That is an awesome tree Gail! Love the stacked look, and the shades of purple are fabulous!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Well, that is a perfect way to have your "purple hues"! So creative! I really like the bling-bling that you gave the tree also.

  4. That looks great Gail and I love the crystal filler you did. The glitzy shine is amazing!

  5. Gail, gorgeous cone with so many purple colors. Happy New year!

  6. I purchased one from a craft site online and cost as much as the tree did. Maybe a few tip is to spay paint 18 inches away. The other things I there is Styrofoam glue to glue them on.
    Can you tell me where you purchased your stak Tree, it cost as much in shipping as it did in postage. Also I love your tree and the wreath at the top, I want to make it burlap burgundy for my sil. Hope I can find the burlap color I want.

  7. Looks gorgeous!!! Your pictures are gorgeous too!
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