Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Home During the Holidays - A Purple Christmas

A Purple Christmas you say?  Yes, I finally finished decorating for the holidays and thought you might want to see how a purple lover puts her home together.  Hope you don't get overwhelmed by my décor.  I had the same traditional décor while my son was growing up.  I wanted to get out of that holiday rut of reds and greens and do things for me, a lover of purple hues.  You'll see some craft items that I've posted and items I've had for a number of years.  I won't be saying much, just a whole lot of pictures.  But I think you might be surprise at the end when I show you how the outside of my house looks.



                                                         I love making all sorts of angels. . . .
                                                                          ribbon angels . . .
                                                                         beaded angels . . .

                                                     Purple, purple, purple . . .

                                                                         More angels . . .
                                                       And of course, a purple angel too!

                     Don't you just love all the white trees . . . and the purple ornaments. . .

Looking from the outside, you'd never know a lover of purple lives here . . . But I don't want to scare the neighbors!

Hope you enjoyed my festive features . . . 

Happy Holidays


  1. Your Christmas decor is beautiful Gail! I love all the angels, and the purple ornaments on that white skinny tree are just the perfect touch.I would love to spray paint one of my green trees white because I think a white tree is such a fabulous base for showing off the beauty or ornaments. Maybe next year. Your home is so festively welcoming Gail. Just gorgeous!

  2. Ok, Gail I am moving in! It's gorgeous! and I say go ahead and scare the neighbors....paint your front door purple...LOL

  3. I love all of your Christmas decorations. I adore decorating in white for the holidays and I love your ornament tree on the wall - very original. The outside looks gorgeous with the white wreaths and swags. I am your newest follower on GFC. Would love for you to stop by my place sometime.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. Your Christmas decoration is so beautiful! I love it! :) And I definitely like purple, too :)

  5. Love your ornament tree on the wall, that is FABULOUS! Good for you to decorate for yourself and be true to your style! Don't fret about the neighbors, I scare mine all the time!

  6. It's so beautiful Gail, just gorgeous. Mine looks like a christmas bomb exploded because the kids decorate but Im okay with that it wont last for ever and they love it. Just quietly I can't wait until I have a beautiful tree though :)

  7. Thank you for taking on a tour of your lovely home. The white trees and garlands are my favorites. Love the angel collection. I think next year the purple should be outside too!

  8. Hi Gail- well I'm not surprised at your color choices but I am impressed! Your trees look marvelous. I'm all about traditional colors but I enjoy all the different choices out there. As long as someone makes it festive looking any color will do! You did a beautiful job on both trees. Love the white one. This year for some reason I was drawn to the white trees but I didn't get one (yet)! Your bannister looks great- it's always nice to see the stairways dressed up too. Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh I love how you stay true to yourself, Everything is absolutely stunning. Love it all. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  10. High impact decorating at its best! Beautiful!

    Val @

  11. You have a designer's looking home!! Love the white tree

  12. Well, since I haven't done hardly any decorating this year, I sure enjoyed seeing yours! That purple and white is just stunning girl!

  13. Love the purple decorations on the tree.


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