Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Abaca Angel Ornament - DIY

Have you ever heard of abaca?  It's a natural fiber that comes from a plant related to the banana family.  I found a roll of silver abaca at a thrift store and immediately thought of those wonky Christmas decorations you see in the shape of Christmas trees, hats and boxes. You know the ones I'm talking about usually found in bright green and red.  Not wanting to make any of those, I did a search and actually came across a cute abaca angel (pictured below) for sale at Pier1.

I love making angels as you can see here, here and here, and wanted to add something like this to my collection.

I cut out petal shapes from the abaca fabric and also cut a small end from a foil cardboard tube. I had a little shiny silver ornament (head) which I regret using because the shiny part reflects everything in front of it.  

I outlined the petals with silver glitter puffy paint.  The sparkly effect doesn't show well in the photos.

 I started hot gluing the petals on the tube, front, back and both sides. I squeezed the top end of the cardboard tube together where the tip of the ornament would fit.

Next, I overlapped more petals and used a total of 11 petals for the angel's dress.

I hot glue the silver ball on top of the tube for the head.

Next, I added a stiff silver rope that I shaped for the arms, attaching around, just below the head.

I soaked embroidery thread in mod podge and used a skewer to roll the ends into "curls" Once dry, I hot glued the hair to the head.  I also made the silver rope into a halo and glue it on top of the hair. I put a little silver bow at the center.

                                                                  This is the back
I crisscrossed two petals on the back, and glued for wings and added a small loop to hang the angel ornament.

She's a beauty, but doesn't photograph well.

                              You can see my reflection in her shiny silver head.

I love her curls and halo and her little arms, as if, folded in prayer.

Have you made a collection of holiday treasures you're really proud of?
Especially the hand crafted ones?

Happy Holiday Crafting!


  1. How pretty, I'm pretty sure if its from banana plants it should be available here, my favourite handcrafted treasure are my Christmas boots love those boot :)

  2. Love your angel Gail. I'm partial to silver so she's perfect. I've never heard of abaca. I'm always learning new things from your projects, and that's awesome.

  3. Lovely :) I think the shiney ornament looks good! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. So pretty! I did not know what that stuff was called, nor did I know you could buy it in rolls! I bet we see more of it on your blog because it looks like fun stuff to mess with!

  5. What a beautiful ornament!
    I will be featuring your post on Tuesday 31st December in a tutorial roundup.
    Thank you so much for sharing this on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party. I look forward to seeing you again this month :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  6. Your angel is lovely! She looks just as beautiful as the one from Pier 1. I do like yours more because I love silver over gold.

  7. Your angel is lovely! She looks just as beautiful as the one from Pier 1. I do like yours more because I love silver over gold.

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