Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pinecone & Glitter Stems Tree


We all love making something using pinecones.  They are readily available and easily added to any décor. You can do just about anything with them. I love pinecone trees but sometimes they are just downright plain.  You know I love the look of glitter and glam in any décor so I  came up with a way to combine pinecones with glitz without the actual glitter.

You want to know how?  Just twirl some glitter chenille stems around a rod and alternate gluing them and the pinecones onto a paper mache or Styrofoam tree.  Just look at the pictures and see how I did it.  So quick and easy.

I put two silver glitter chenille stems together and wrapped (twirled) them around a magic marker (rod). Two made the swirls look fuller.  I used three large packs of chenille stems for this tree.

Starting with a small pinecone, I hot glued it to the tree and then placed the twirled stems around the pinecones in alternating directions.  Placement was just a matter of alternating pinecones and chenille stems, making sure there were stems around the pinecones.  Quick and easy.


If you use a paper mache cone tree, I don't think it's necessary to paint it before applying the pinecones and stems.  You can cover any open areas by adjusting the curled stems.  If you use a Styrofoam cone tree, I would probably use craft paint first with whatever matching color you want. Most spray paints will melt Styrofoam so I don't recommend using that, not unless the spray paint states it will not harm Styrofoam.

The pinecone and glitter stem tree would make a great centerpiece for a tablescape.  I plan on putting this one in one of my bathrooms.  I like to have decorative items in the bathroom. And the pinecone and glitter stem tree will add to the festive look throughout my home.

Christmas is almost here.  I do have one more craft project to post before the big day.  I've certainly have enjoyed my time spent holiday crafting  But a crafter's work is never done.  See you next time!

Happy Holiday Crafting!



  1. Oh they look like flowers how lovely, I agree glitter makes everything better!

  2. Very cute Gail! The chenille pieces are a cute way to fluff it a bit. I wanted a pine cone tree this year but never found one. Your tree looks cute in the bathroom.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. That is one gorgeous tree! Love the sparkly chenille stems too! What a clever idea. You have really made some awesome stuff this Christmas girl!

  4. Really cute! A fun addition to any room, with a natural touch!

  5. I did not figure out they were chenille stems. I think I am stealing this idea to make decorations for a few gifts in paper mache boxes.

  6. Your tree is so pretty Gail! I love the idea of rolling up the chenille stems as the base of the tree. It looks sooo pretty!

  7. love the trees and purple is my favourite following from create it thursday have a great holiday I'm lorraine at

  8. This is so pretty! I love pine cone crafts!!

  9. It's look Very Beautiful.i loved it speech


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