Sunday, December 9, 2012

Copy Cat: Gold and Silver Frankincense and Myrrh

Nothing says the holidays like the sparkling effect of gold and silver.  "Fill your holiday home with the magical, meaningful shimmer of gold and silver" and you can't go wrong.  The latest edition of Woman's World says it all.

It's Simple yet Stunning!

Just pile ornaments on a covered cake plate or footed cloche to add instant shimmering glow to any holiday decor.

Fill your home with festive decorative items .  .   .                                    Just look around, there's so much you can do for little or no cost!   

Take a little time to enjoy,


  1. Fantastic! I just love getting all this inspiration and so glad you shared.

  2. I love this! Simple but packs a powerful punch to any decor!

  3. I love the copper with the silver! Really pretty Gail! I'm following you too now:)

  4. Well, don'tchaknow that I want to do this, too.
    You did a great copy cat. :)
    xo bj


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