Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Mantel

I finally finished decorating the tree and mantel in my greatroom.  They are very similar to what I did last year (maybe that's why I really wasn't into it this year)  The only problem I had was this year the garland on the mantel just wouldn't stay in place.  It kept coming down, breaking a lot of my treasured ornaments.  You would have thought I knew better, and just removed the ornaments, but nooooooo. I was determined to get that garland to stay, ornaments (what's left) and all.  I finally use duck tape to keep it in place.

I've had this white tree for a number of years.  Actually, it's a half tree.  One that you put against a wall because you don't have space for a "full" tree. I loved this tree in my old home because it took up less space. I had lots of junk  stuff.  Now I can't part with it.  I love a white tree - especially a purple and white tree!

All of the glass ornaments on the tree are teardrop shape .   .   .

                I believe these stockings are as old as my son who is thirty-two.
I said I would decorate them when I bought them, but I never did.
I placed ornaments on top of mercury candlesticks ( I did break a few of these too, trying to get them to stay in place) to add a bit of height to the arrangement.

 Here is what's left of the ornaments I hung on the garland
 They're in different shades of light and dark purple   .    .   . really very pretty.

           And at night  .   .   .

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Take a little time to enjoy!

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  1. Just stunnning! Every time I see purple Christmas decorations, I think of you!

  2. I love the way you decorated your fireplace mantel. White on white makes the purple ornaments pop.

  3. So pretty and love the purple. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gail, it's stunning! You really do love purple! I'm going to share this with my best friend whose favorite color is also purple.

  5. Gail, I Love your purple. It's such a unique color and it is so elegant.
    Beautiful decor that I adore.

  6. Your purple and white tree is beautiful! I love the statement it makes in your living room and I love that you have so many ornaments! I'm a fan of a tree with lots of bling.

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  7. So pretty! Love th mantel too! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Very pretty with the purples!
    Thanks for linking up to the Christmas Mantel Linky Party at Embracing Change!

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