Thursday, August 26, 2021

DIY Kartoos Flower Napkin Rings


Fall is just around the corner and that means you're probably thinking about having family and friends over for a festive dinner during that time. Here's a creative idea to decorate your table setting even if it's just family this year. 

Why not give your fall table settings an extra handmade touch with adorable dried kartoos napkin rings! I really don't know much about the kartoos flower - just that it's an exotic dried pod usually from India and that it's sometimes called a dried natural achiote/articoke - often packaged in potpourri bags! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it! Used in decor, the kartoos flowers are a little less expected and a whole lot more sophisticated and unique looking!   And the attached intertwined paper fiber rush rings are so easy to make and perfect to go with the unusual looking dried flowers! 

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Materials Needed:
So let's get started making the napkin ring out of paper fiber rush. In case you don't know what that is, it's chemically treated kraft paper used primarily for wicker furniture or seat weaving and basket weaving.

Using a bottle or round object like a rolling pin as a round guide for the ring, initially wrap the rush around the bottle 4-5 times.
Then measure that amount on a yard stick (30") and cut at least four strips or more depending on how many napkin rings you want to make. Next, wrap one of the fiber strips around the bottle one time, inserting the end up and over the strip and clamping in place.
Remove the fiber ring and clamp from the bottle and begin wrapping the strip over and under and around following the initial ring shape until .  .  .

you have intertwined the fiber strip four or five times and you're satisfied with the look.
Then tuck the ends inside the wrap to conceal, adding a bit of quick grab glue to secure and stay in place. 

Then make at least four more the same way.
Now it's time to attach the kartoos to the ring.
Just pick out the most attractive and about the same size dried flowers and .  .  .
add a blob of quick grab glue on the center of the kartoos flower.
Then place the ring on top of the glue, along the length of the petals, holding in place until the glue sets - usually a minute or two. 

Now stand back and admire how wonderful your handcrafted napkin rings look!
Perfect for any Fall table setting .  .  .
that looks fabulous and quite unusual, too!
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created this fun and easy way to make napkin rings using twisted paper fiber and dried kartoos flowers for this month's Creative Craft Blog Hop!
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  1. Gail, I always learn so much from your posts. I’m not familiar with Kartoos, but have seen them in potpourri and fragrance bags. That paper fiber rush is the perfect material for forming napkin rings! Happy to be hopping with you again. ♥

    1. Thanks, Mary! I don't know where I picked up that bag and thought the potpourri was filled with everyday dried flowers. I had never heard of kartoos either when I decided to make the napkin rings.

  2. Gail, you create the best floral designs! I am a big fan of nature-inspired decor, and your napkin rings are lovely! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thanks so much, Cecilia! I love using natural items and upcycles in my projects!

  3. Very cute and clever Gail, I've not heard of kartoos, or the fiber rush, or the glue you used so this project was full of new info for me! Does this type glue hold better than a glue gun glue? The natural napkin rings are perfect for fall tables, and they look so professional!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! I do love my glue gun for putting things together quickly, but it just doesn't give a permanent hold on some things. RapidFuse is a quick grab glue that's not affected by heat or moisture. I've made items that have fallen apart using hot glue and I feel safer using a more permanent glue.

  4. I learned something new today Gail; I've never heard of a Kartoos flower. Such a beautiful handcrafted projects - both for family and friends (when the time comes). Love that it's natural - these will fit in with any decor style!

  5. Thanks Sara! I had never heard of kartoos flowers either. And little info is available on them, too. And I love using natural items in my projects!

  6. Gail, this a very pretty napkin ring for fall. I’ve never hears of a kartoos. It has a very natural look to it.

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  8. Great project. I am always looking for napkin rings. Thanks for sharing Gail. The Rapid Fuse sounds amazing.
    The kartoos flower is something new to me.

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