Sunday, July 19, 2020

Toilet Paper Flower Blooms DIY

Got toilet paper? I know you do! That's something we can't live without! But have you ever thought about making something decorative with it? I know there are lots of crafts out made with toilet paper cardboard tubes! But this is the paper! Why not craft your time away making adorable toilet paper flower blooms! Great for home decor, party decorations or even gift toppers! It's so simple and easy! And the best part, you only need four items to make:

Toilet paper sections - 5 per bloom
Tacky glue
Floral stem wire

Lets begin by tearing off five toilet paper sections from the roll.

 Square each section by folding diagonally in half, cutting off the excess paper.
Then fold again, creating another triangle .  .  .
and fold one more time, making sure to line up the edges evenly, and smoothing the paper at the fold.
Now it's time to make the eight petal bloom to cut out! Here's a drawn-on line that shows you where to cut. But it's best to actually do this cut freehand - you don't want to put any marks on the paper. 
Start cutting at the side open edges, just below the middle section, around the next open edges and ending slightly lower at the middle folded area. The cut area should begin and end evenly across the same point.
Here's how the petals look open:
Next, fold the petals closed, staggering in-between and not evenly lined up. Add tacky glue along the bottom edge .  .  .

and gather the edge, twisting together .  .  .

forming a small center stem. Then make four more blooms the same way and let dry.
Next, fold a square toilet paper section into 4 sections and cut out. You will need five, so cut out an extra one from another section. Then take one section and add a large dab of glue to center and along edges. Place a floral stem wire in the middle cupping paper around it  .  .  .
to form a bud shape. Let dry.
Once the bud is dry, glue on the five flower blooms, one at a time, around the bud .  .  .
adjusting, curving and fluffing petals to form a larger flower. 
Would you believe these lovely flower blooms are made from toilet paper? 
You bet! How cool is this!

Thanks for stopping by

and take a little time to enjoy,
Happy Crafting!


  1. Looks like fun making these paper flowers Gail. Thanks for sharing how to make them. They looks cute in your vase.

    1. Thanks, Julie! This is the ultimate stash craft anyone can make! Hilarious isn't it!

  2. Gail,
    So cute!! I remember when making flowers from tissues was all the rage for bridal showers and weddings!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Yes, I remember those days! And maybe everyone will start making flowers out of toilet paper since many are probably still hoarding it! Lol!

  3. These are adorable! You do come up with some very original ideas!

  4. BellĂ­simas y muy originales ,gracias por compartirlas !


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