Friday, September 27, 2019

Add DIY Burlap Leaves to Purple Pumpkins

Have you noticed that you can find pumpkins in just about any color these days! The variety is almost unlimited! Of course I prefer them in purple and was excited to see different shades of purple available. Oh, you can easily paint the pumpkins purple or any other color for that matter, but for me, it's so exciting to see purple pumpkins in the stores! The sad part is that they are somewhat plain and you have to get a bit creative to dress them up!  But purple really offers endless design possibilities especially for this time of year! It blends so well for Fall with just about any type of decor! 

Did you know pumpkins are a type of squash you can find in all sizes and shapes? Hence, the tall, slim shape of one pictured! But I digress! To dress up some of my pumpkins I'm combining purple burlap ribbon and jute twine into lovely dimensional leaves - adding a touch of pizzazz to the mix!  What a fun way to bring an exciting autumn atmosphere using purple to your fall decor!

DIY Burlap Leaves
Materials Used:
Oak Leaf Pattern
Clear film sheet
Purple Burlap Ribbon
Tacky Glue/Fabric Glue (quick grab)
Parchment paper
Floral Stem Wire

Let's begin with a 5.5 inch wide roll of purple burlap ribbon and a small roll of jute twine in a lighter, complimentary shade!

Some of you may remember this oak leaf template that I used to make a clay leaf dish.  I reduced the size in Word, printed it, and then cut it out. You can also free-hand a leaf design, if you want.

Next, place a clear film sheet on top of the template (so it wouldn't stick as much) and the burlap on top of that. Then, begin tracing the leaf around on the burlap in small increments with a quick grab, tacky glue. Quickly place the jute twine down on top of the glue, following the outline. Use the pointed nose of pliers to press the twine down onto the burlap to prevent too much glue getting on fingers.

Once the twine is in place, cover the leaf with a sheet of parchment paper and press down around the twine outline to smooth out with fingers for better adhesion to the burlap, and then remove.
 Let dry!

Once the glue is dry, time to cut out the leaf following the leaf outline.
Glue on a strip of floral stem wire (I painted mine to match the burlap) to the back of the leaves to make them bendable for dimension.
Have fun decorating for Fall with these unique looking burlap leaves!
Pumpkins are ready to decorate:

Don't you just love these colors!

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I'm sharing this step by step tutorial on DIY Burlap Leaves at our Happy Fall Link Party that starts on September 28th!  Be sure to visit all of the co-hosts to see their fall passions and projects!

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  1. I'm always drawn to leaves as well as the rustic vibe of burlap. Thank you for the step by step directions on how to make burlap leaves! For me, that's a Win Win! My brain is buzzing with all the ways I could use them around my old rock farmhouse! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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  2. Your leaves really finish the pumpkins and make them so pretty. Great how-tos! pinned and shared

  3. The leaves are a great addition to the pumpkins, Gail. No doubt they fit in perfectly with your lovely purple decor.

  4. I lLOVE these (ok, my fave color is purple so I'm biased!). Thanks for teaching me a new technique! Can't wait to try.

  5. I love all the pumpkins in the different colors and of course I love purple. Those leaves are adorable and now I need some purple burlap for a wreath.

  6. I haven't seen purple pumpkins in my store yet - just the orange and white varieties. I'll have to look more carefully next time I go because I love that color and the way you added the leaves. Very pretty!

  7. Lovely as always, Gail! The shade is beautiful!

  8. Such a cute and clever way to decorate your pumpkins; how perfect that you found some purple ones!

  9. How crafty and cute. LOVE PURPLE and thanks for hosting Happy Fall Link Party. Will pin this post.

  10. Those leaves are awesome! You rock the purple

  11. The leaves look great on your pumpkins! I love the purple burlap!

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