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Ribbon Wrapped Round Containers DIY

When gift wrapping, a round box or container can be one of the most difficult shapes to wrap with paper!  Why not wrap with ribbon instead! Here's a fun way to use ribbon - yes,  ribbon to wrap that awkward round shape and then top it  with the prettiest of bows, too!

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Here's a recap:
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It's Day 9 and we are sharing 
Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Ribbon Wrapped Round Containers DIY
Do you have trouble wrapping round containers with wrapping paper? Well stress no more! Try wrapping with just ribbon! That's right, ribbon!  No paper whatsoever! Say what now? Yes, wrap round containers with ribbon! And it looks absolutely stunning topped with an adorable bow made using the Bowdabra bow making tool!

50 yd. roll 1.5" wired ribbon (Sam's)
Round box/can (Walmart)
Bowdabra, bow wire, wand

First unroll several feet of ribbon so you can wrap the box freely. Please don't cut any ribbon off the roll! And don't panic! You won't be using 50 yards of ribbon but it's nice not to worry about running out of ribbon while you're wrapping!   

Let's begin by laying the beginning end of the ribbon across the top of the round can or container, leaving the end "tail" hanging. 

Start wrapping the ribbon down and around the can, crossing over at the center. 

Make sure the side edge of the ribbon is overlapping to the left and the tail stays in place.

This is the back after a few wrap arounds.

Continue wrapping the ribbon down and around, crossing over on the back, and  up and across on the top front, overlapping near the edge.

You will notice a lovely crossover pattern forming as you continue to wrap the ribbon around the can. Make sure you leave the beginning tail in place and hanging out as you wrap.

Once you've wrapped the box completely, measure the ending ribbon with the beginning tail and cut off the excess ribbon, leaving a matching tail. 

Pick up both tails and .  .  .

tie into a center knot.

Dove-tail the ends by folding the ribbon end together lengthwise and cut at an angle from the folded edge down to the end corner. 

To make a lovely bow with lots of 3" loops, fold an 18" piece of bow wire in half and place into the Bowdabra.  Next, cut 15 feet of ribbon from the spool. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center and crease, placing the ribbon pattern side down into the Bowdabra.

Because the pattern is only on one side of the ribbon, we will make a three inch loop by folding and twisting the ribbon to the right side down into the Bowdabra to make the first loop.

Next, fold and twist the other side at the same 3" width, down into the Bowdabra.

Continue to fold and twist the ribbon tails, one at a time, alternating sides, down through the center of the Bowdabra.

Continue folding and twisting as many loops down into the Bowdabra .  .  .
until reaching the end of the ribbon.

Scrunch down all of the ribbon using the Bowdabra wand.

Before taking the bow out of the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end, pulling the wire tightly and gently pulling out the bow. Separate the two loose ends, taking them around to the back and tying in a double knot. 

Attach the bow to the top ribbon knot on the ribbon wrapped container with the bow wire, tying in a knot. Cut off excess wire.

Fluff and straighten the bow!

Now stand back and admire your gorgeous ribbon wrapped container!

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  1. Gail, when I saw this in the links I didn't know whose it was yet but thought, "brilliant"! I have a round gift to wrap this year and this is exactly what I'm going to do. And it's eco-friendly, which I love, because the ribbon can be reused. Win Win

  2. Your gift is spectacular. What a beautiful parcel and like Marie says you can reuse the ribbon as its one long piece. Pinning and in the future I will for sure be doing this. Love this idea.

  3. Oh WOW... I never would have thought to wrap the entire gift with ribbon. It looks fantastic!

  4. What a beautiful gift wrapping idea! That looks amazing.. though if I received it I wouldn't want to unwrap it! :)


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