Monday, November 26, 2018

Sock Snowmen for Kids

A fun craft to make with kids is creating sock snowmen!   Why have them wait for snow to make a snowman when they can make one anytime, using socks, fabric, embellishments and styrofoam balls! It's an all time favorite that's been around for some time! And it continues to be a fun project to do! You can even make the sock snowmen into ornaments, too! And the best part - the kids can create so many different types of characters and personalities  - like a heartwarming family of snowmen to love! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it!

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It's Day 4 and we are sharing 
Kids Christmas Craft Ideas!

         Sock Snowmen for Kids              
 Lots of fun and laughter will abound with kids making sock snowmen! They are just the cutest! Since this is a very popular kids craft there are lots of versions out there for making them. And there's virtually unlimited possibilities for styling, too! Most use rice to fill the socks. But I don't like using rice for this - at one point they might get a bit buggy! And who wants that! Besides, I have lots of styrofoam balls in my stash to use instead. So let's get started by gathering the following.

Materials needed:
  • Socks - fuzzy white - plus assorted pattern socks for accessorizing
  • Styrofoam balls - asst sizes
  • Knife
  • Rubber bands - small/twine/yarn
  • Bead head straight pins/buttons 
  • Fabric scraps/embellishments                 
  • Wooden skewer/orange paint
  • Hot glue gun - low temp glue
  • Tacky glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors
Begin by slicing off a small bit of styrofoam from the base of two balls. Check to make sure they fit good together to form the body.  
Next, insert a toothpick in center of cut side. Add tacky glue around toothpick and foam and press the other ball down together. Let dry.
Cut a little bit of styrofoam off the bottom so that the snowman can stand up on its' own.
Next, cut the foot portion of the sock off just below the heel.
Then insert the snowman body into foot portion, smoothing sock up to top as tight as possible. Use a small rubber band to secure, then tie with twine and knot for a permanent closure, cutting off excess twine. You can trim off the excess fabric too.
For the hat, cut one of the pattern socks just below the heel, turning inside out. Tie off tightly at the top with twine and turn right side out.
 Place hat on head, adjusting fit. For the scarf, cut small band piece from sock top, and cut to open length-wise. Stretch fabric and tie onto neck of snowman.
 For the nose, dip the end of a skewer stick into orange paint and let dry.  Insert black beaded straight pins for the eyes.  Cut off the dry orange point of the skewer stick and add a dab of hot glue to end for nose and press on face.
Use pieces of the cut off styrofoam to create arms to glue onto sides. Wrap sock fabric around tiny foam balls, securing with tacky glue until dry. Mash the foam balls flat for mittens to glue onto arms. Then insert plain straight pins for mouth. 
Have fun creating additional "family snowmen and baby!"
For this snowman, I used larger beads for the eyes and a bit of twine for the mouth that I smeared with "lip gloss" and then lightly glued on with tacky glue.

To make a frilly top hat: Cut a piece of fabric ( I used scraps from a dollar store flannel scarf) long and wide enough to fit around the snowman's head. Fold ends together and run a bead of glue along edges, lengthwise. Press edges firmly down and let dry.  Turn inside out and fit on head, making a cuff. Tie top with twine or a narrow fabric strip. Cut slits in top gathered fabric. Cut another long narrow fabric strip for the scarf, cutting fringes in the ends and tie around neck. Add adhesive backed stones on the front to decorate body.

This little fellow has a beanie type hat that was tied at the top into a ball. The mouth is a cut off portion of a small red rubber band glued on. And the neck is a cut-off  piece of sock tube placed over the body.

This baby snowman is covered in a baby Christmas sock. The heel portion covering his body and the ankle portion is cut-off for the hat that's tied and fringed. His adorable eyes are deep pink beaded straight pins with painted-on black dots! And of course his cute pink nose is a tiny pom-pom! 

Ta Da! A fun family of snowmen any kid would love to make!

Scroll down for many more Kids Christmas Craft Ideas! 


  1. Your snowmen are super cute, Gail! My daughter made a similar snowman at school. It's a really fun craft for kiddos.😃

  2. These are so adorable, Gail! Like you said, the possibilities for decorating them are endless. I love them all but the little buffalo check one has me swooning. Pinned :)

  3. I'm in love with these cuties & want to make some myself. I love all the different ways & ideas you can decorate them. Their little hats are the cutest.

  4. Maravillosos y simpáticos muñecos de nieve.

  5. These are super cute. I made something similar using rice for filling with my granddaughters. They loved doing them and they line them up every year under their tree. The styrofoam would make them Much cheaper, great idea.

  6. How adorable they look and your Tutorials are always so clear and beautifully photographed
    Dr Sonia

  7. Your snowmen turned out darling!

  8. I can see kids getting really crafty with this and making all sorts of different snowmen!

  9. These are so cute! My son made me a sock snowman when he was in daycare years ago, and it's still one of my favorite decorations!

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