Monday, September 3, 2018

DIY Soda Bottle Beaded Vase

 Don't you just love recycle projects? It's always fun to see the finished item and be amazed at how it went from "that to this!"  Stay with me because I'm about to show you how to upcycle soda bottles into an adorable vase decorated with filler beads and paint - a very impressive look!

And it took just a few items to make:

  • Soda Bottles  (4)
  • Soda cap/marker
  • Craft knife
  • Gorilla super glue gel
  • Craft scissors
  • Mod podge (matte finish)/brush
  • Filler beads
  • Spray paint - Paint+Primer (Satin Claret Wine)
*You will also need a container to catch the beads. 

Let's begin by removing the labels, and washing and drying three, 2 liter, clear soda bottles.  I actually prefer the bottles with a smooth top as opposed to ones that are indented. But I had to get the empty bottles from family members since I don't drink sodas anymore, so beggars can't be choosy. Either type will work, though.

Once the bottles are dry, using a craft or utility knife, cut off the top portions following the ridge around the bottle or the imaginary line from the label that was once there. I wanted the base of the vase smaller than the rest so I cut off the top of a smaller bottle, too.

Next, cut off the top rim opening where the cap is. The plastic on this area is much tougher to remove so be very careful and take your time. A lot of pressure and a good knife is required.

 Then, place two of the smaller openings of the top portions together for a good fit. Once satisfied with the fit, take apart and apply gorilla glue gel around the edges and press back together. Do the same for the other two tops and let dry.

 Next, press the two larger openings together, adjusting to fit. Then add glue around the edges and press the two together - holding in place (about 30 seconds) until sealed.  Additional glue may be needed in areas where the edges meet. Let dry.

For a decorative effect, use a soda cap to draw half circles for a scallop around the top edge. 

Then cut out the scallop trim following the lines using craft scissors.

I forgot to remove the markings with alcohol. Oh, well!

To apply the beads, place the vase in a container to catch the beads. Then starting at the top, paint on a generous amount of mod podge to the vase and sprinkle or pour the filler beads over the glue area. 

Continue adding mod podge and beads over one area at a time. It can be a slow process - so don't get impatient! Lol!

I wrapped a plastic spoon in parchment paper to help press the beads in place so I wouldn't get glue all over my hands.
(This is the vase upside down)

Once the entire vase is covered in beads, let set and dry overnight. Don't worry if there're a few beads falling off! Inspect the vase and apply more mod podge and beads to needed or missed areas.  Once satisfied with the look, seal all the beads with more mod podge and let dry.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the finish vase before painting it. I wanted the vase to be in a deep color that would compliment a fall color palette of soft plums, burgundies, pinks and orange florals.  But you can leave it as is, for a beaded crystal type look.

And finally, spray paint the vase in a well ventilated area (I went outside).

I'm loving this look!

Would you believe this vase is made from soda bottles if I hadn't told you?

Just perfect for Fall!

Thanks for stopping by
and take a little time to enjoy,
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Wow I am impressed! Love the color you added to it. Very glamorous!

  2. Pretty amazing. No, I wouldn't have guess it was made from soda bottles. Happy early fall.

  3. Oh My Goodness!! I would not have even thought that this pretty vase was made out of coke bottles!! It truly is amazing!! Great job!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving such a sweet comment! The flowers in the front of our house did better than the ones in the back. Most of my regular impatiens just rotted and disintegrated from the amount of rain we have had. I did have quite a bit of them planted in the back because of the amount of shade in the back. Some of my perennials didn't do any better either. I am glad that Fall is coming as soon as this heat finally disappears for good......

  4. Que bonito y que buen reciclaje has hecho.

  5. Gail not in a million years could I have guessed that this pretty vase had its humble beginnings as a soda bottle. You are incredible!!

  6. OMG Gail! What a perfect idea. I could never imagine what this gorgeous vase was before. Excellent idea my dear!

  7. Stunning, absolutely stunning.I just joined your mailing and simply cannot wait to see your projects.

  8. I love reuse or upcycle. Our world depends on this.

  9. Amazing! My mom is into soda bottle crafts now so I passed this one along to her.



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