Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Handmade Valentine Acetate Hearts Folding Card

 From the time we were little kids in school, we all loved making and sending sweet valentine cards to loveones and special someones!
It's always fun to design, decorate, and write your very own Valentines card that shows that special someone just how much you care! To that end, I came up with an adorable Handmade
Acetate Hearts Card that folds together creating clear pockets to hold sweet tokens of love! There are a lot of steps involved, but they're all so easy - and there's nothing difficult to master.  And since you can see the finished card, I hope you realize it's well worth it to make. By the way, I was inspired to make this card from  a BonBon Filled Hearts craft by Martha Stewart that I read and tweaked into a folding card using acetate film so you can add your favorite love tokens and see them inside.

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To make, gather:
12"x12" decorative card stock
9"x12" acetate film
Glue (clear drying)
Hole Punch

How to make:
Take a decorative 12x12 inch cardstock sheet and . . .
fold in half vertically, creasing fold.
Open and fold again, horizontally.

Next, open and fold the pointed ends together.  

Again, open and fold the opposite pointed ends together.
Make sure all the folds are creased real good.

Next, open the cardstock with a point end facing up and fold in the sides along the creases
This is another view of the sides folded in . . .

to form a triangle.
Next, fold into another smaller triangle.
And then, with a pencil, draw a half heart curve shape starting at the folded side and around the top edge to the side with the four folds - as pictured below. 
Cut the shape out. (Remember, there should be a larger fold on one side, and four folded sides on the other side with the round open cuts at the top. 
Open the cardstock to reveal the heart first .  .  .
and then open all the way to see the four hearts (top, bottom and sides) 

To cut out the heart shapes for the acetate, fold the open hearts in half.

And fold again .  .  .

to form heart.
Next, draw a border inside around one side of the heart, as pictured.
Cut out.
Then open cardstock.

Apply glue around center heart shape .  .  .
Next, cut a 9x12 acetate sheet in half and line up acetate corner with corner of heart, smoothing out and then let dry. Repeat for opposite side. 
Once dry, cut off excess acetate film around hearts.
Using the heart pattern that was cut out earlier, draw heart shape on decorative paper and cut out. 
Glue hearts on inside for decorative effect.

Fold hearts together.

Use a hole punch to add a hole in the "V" middle for a ribbon tie.

 Add sweet tokens or other sentiments to inside pockets!
Have fun making and giving this adorable card!
PS: I'm sharing this Valentine Acetate Hearts Folding Card at the Handmade Valentine Cards Link Party where I'm co-hosting with several creative bloggers.  We'd love for you to join us by linking up your ideas for all types of handmade valentine cards. The party is open from January 31st to February 10th.  

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  1. Oh, wow! What a great card! Thank you for the tutorial. I love that you filled your card with candy hearts! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. What a fabulous and cute project Gail...you make such unique projects and your Tutorials are simply fantastic too
    Dr Sonia

  3. Que buen tutorial y que bonito resultado.

  4. Espectacular !! me gusta mucho ,gracias por compartirlo.

  5. Gail, your card is awesome! Your tutorial is great, too!

  6. Gail, Oh boy, I would have loved making these when I was in school for all my friends! Love how you put your own special spin on this project and the tutorial is awesome.

  7. Very pretty!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I have been a bit under the weather so I am late in returning my visits!! Sorry!!

  8. So cute Gail. yes, we all send those cute little Valentine cards to school. Valentines are so special. Love your creative touches. Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It.


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